Drury, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're planning a vacation or road trip to the city of Drury, MO, you'll want to learn about the area's population and steets. For example, you can see if you live within 30 miles of nearby towns. Similarly, if you live in Drury and are thinking about relocating there, it might be helpful to know how many people live there.

The Town of Auburn is currently working on a master plan for Drury Square, the intersection of Southbridge and Auburn streets. Although the area has a low-rise downtown feel, it is characterized by limited pedestrian facilities and ample parking. Because of this, it is often considered car-oriented. Residents and local businesses, however, are seeking ways to change this perception. In fact, the community is urging for a redevelopment plan.

Early settlers included Miles, Isaiah, and Eli Reynolds. The town was also known as Drury's Landing, and Reynolds Drury opened a general store to sell grain and pork. The settlement developed into the main market for the area. A lumber wagon and oxen served as the principal transportation equipment. The town's residents sheared sheep for sale in Indiana. Their mothers would card and spin the wool, and then sew cloth with the wool.

The main street, Drury Square, is home to many businesses, including Shaw's supermarket, Bed Bath and Beyond, Verizon, and Savers Bank. The square is also home to several restaurants, including Drury's Barber Shop, McDonald's, and Yong Shing Chinese Restaurant. As a result, Drury is a thriving community in southwest Missouri.