Duenweg, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Duenweg is a fairly ethnically diverse city. While the majority of Duenweg residents report White ancestry, the city also has a significant German, Irish, and Swedish presence. As for languages spoken in Duenweg, the most common is English, but Spanish and Italian are also very common. The city is also home to a number of minorities, including those from Africa, India, and the Caribbean.

The climate in Duenweg City is fairly mild and rarely falls below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. The city receives 44.6 inches of rainfall a year, with a small amount of snow falling on 16 days, or 4.4% of the year. The humidity is relatively low in Duenweg, at approximately 60 percent during most of the year. As a result, the average temperature is around 50 degrees F in winter, and about the same in summer.

The population of Duenweg City is just over 5,000 people. Despite this small number, the city is home to a variety of small businesses and a bustling industrial scene. Duenweg is also home to a medium-security jail. Those convicted of a crime in Duenweg City are typically held at the Duenweg City Jail. The jail is supervised by neighborhood police offices.