Edgerton, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The city of Edgerton, Wisconsin is located on the rolling landscape of south central Wisconsin, near the I-90 corridor. The area has an excellent school system, diverse housing, and a wealth of business opportunities. If you are considering moving to Edgerton, or you are a current resident, you should learn more about the population and steets of this city. In addition to the city's high quality of life, residents can take advantage of the great school system, the excellent business opportunities, and the thriving population.

The poverty rate is a useful indicator for understanding the socioeconomic status of the residents of a city. It shows the percentage of residents who spend more than 30% of their income on rent. A lower percentage means a better society for all citizens. In Edgerton, the poverty rate is higher than the state average of 27.9%, but it is lower than the poverty rate in its neighboring cities of Gladstone and Independence. This also indicates that many people in Edgerton are experiencing a rent burden of more than 30%.

Although the city of Edgerton is small in size, it has a large number of children and an excellent public school district. In addition, the city's population includes many college-educated adults. Additionally, many residents in Edgerton own single-family homes with ample space for children to play. The city's low crime rate is a sign that people value the quality of their lives and are happy to live in the area.