Horton, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're curious about the Population & Steets in Honton City, Kansas, you've come to the right place. Here you will discover the latest statistics about the area, including the total number of people, the median household income, and the average age. You can also explore the city's educational statistics to find out how much money people in Horton earn. This information is helpful if you're planning to move to Horton City in the near future.

Before settling in Horton City, this area was a bustling trade center. In 1867, Horton purchased 960 acres of land near the San Diego Bay. This area became known as Horton's Addition, despite opposition from some residents of Old Town. Horton's addition soon eclipsed Old Town as the center of the city, and by the late 1880s, it had become an incredibly prosperous town.

The population of Horton City is fairly evenly spread. It's home to about 812 households. Twenty-seven percent of households were under the age of 18, while 11.6% were headed by a female without a husband. Twenty-four percent of households were non-families, and 34.5% were comprised of single people. A high percentage of seniors live alone in the city, at least a couple of times, and there were fewer singles than women.

The local power structure and settlement pattern of Horton reflect both social and racial segregation. Anglos dominate the eastern and northern sections of town, while minorities dominate the southern and western parts. In terms of housing, most homes were small and not very large, and the quality was poor, indicative of racial and economic segregation. There were no signs of a gang war.