Leasburg, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Have you ever wondered what Leasburg's population looks like? This information will give you a good idea of the city's demographics. To begin, check out the map below to get an idea of the gender makeup of the city. Leasburg is a relatively safe city, but you do need to be careful when traveling there. There is a high risk of theft and crime, which makes the crime rate in this city higher than the national average.

The population of Leasburg City is relatively low. In some areas, such as near parks and major airports, the population of these areas is much lower than in other parts of the city. Even some neighborhoods may seem safe, but crime happens no matter where you go. The population density in this city is about the same as that of many other towns in the US. If you live in Leasburg, consider moving here to get a feel for its culture.

In terms of sex, Leasburg is about the same size as nearby towns, such as West Sullivan. However, if you're planning a road trip, you may want to consider other towns and cities within a few hours' drive of Leasburg. You can also find other cities within a hundred miles of Leasburg, MO and see how close they are.