Livonia, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There are many reasons to look into the Population & Steets in Livio City, Michigan. Livonia is one of the more diverse cities in the United States, and residents commute by car or walking 26 minutes to get to work. But, if you're curious about how many people walk or ride the bus to work in Livonia, you can check out our detailed demographic report to find out how many people are walking and biking to work in the area.

Livonia is a medium-sized city in Michigan, with a population of approximately 94,849 people. The majority of residents are White, with a minor percentage of African American and Asian. Livonia's average income is around $1,000, higher than the Michigan average, but still significantly lower than that of the Grosse Pointe area. Despite the low average income and poor quality of life, residents of Livonia are happy and have no complaints.

The population of Livonia is diverse and well-educated. The median age of residents is 44.5 years old, with 7.6% being under the age of 18. Twenty-four percent of households are married, while thirty-two percent are made up of individuals. Eleven percent of the population is over the age of 65. Livonia's gender balance is sexy, with 48.3% males and 51.7% females.