Nettleton, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The town of Nettleton was established in 1888 after the Kansas City, Memphis and Birmingham Railroad began running through it. Today, the railroad is part of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, and businessmen from the town took advantage of the new infrastructure to grow. They also named the town after George Henry Nettleton, president of the KCM&B Railroad. The town is a Code Charter Municipality, which means it has its own police department, fire department, and public works department.

In terms of income inequality, males earn 1.4 times more than women, with an average income of $39,310. However, this is still lower than the national average. Nettleton is home to 807 people working in various industries, with Manufacturing and Retail Trade being the largest employers in the town. Public Administration, Manufacturing, and Other Services Except Public Administration are the three industries that pay the highest wages in the city.

In addition to being a low-income neighborhood, Nettleton also has a high percentage of children living below the poverty line. The number of children living in poverty in this neighborhood is also higher than the national average. Nevertheless, residents in this neighborhood are overwhelmingly white and military-related. The community's diverse nature makes it a safe place to live. With the help of AreaVibes, you can get a sense of the general population of Nettleton.

Real estate in Nettleton is primarily comprised of small and medium-sized homes. Some of the residences are rental properties, while others are owned by renters. Nettleton's median home value is $109,000, and it has appreciated 6.4% over the past decade. This is a great neighborhood for families and young professionals alike. Despite the fact that it is a suburb, the population of the neighborhood is still relatively small.