Newburg, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You might be interested in knowing the Population & Steets in New Burgh City, NY. You may be able to answer this question by examining the city's public records. This article will present the facts about the city's population and steets. It also provides you with useful resources. Listed below are some of the most interesting facts about the city. You can also read about its history to learn more about its people and places.

First and foremost, Newburg is situated on a hill. At nearly three hundred feet above sea level, Newburg has a pronounced hilly profile. Newburg was first incorporated as a village in 1800, and it now boasts a thriving community. Several large industries are located in the city, and it is also home to a number of select schools and universities. There are also many churches of different denominations in the city.

The town is home to numerous colleges, including Mount Saint Mary College. Several corporations are located in Newburgh, such as Stop & Shop, M&T Bank, Chase Bank, Verizon Communications, and McDonald's. Boost Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, and Marshalls are all located within the city. In addition to these major corporations, Newburgh is also home to many smaller businesses and districts.

As for religion, most Newburghers are religious. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York serves the majority of the city's residents. Nearly one-third of the city's population is Catholic. Another third of Newburgh residents are members of the Lutheran, Presbyterian, or Methodist faiths. The Latter-Saint movement has its own branch, and the other third professes a Christian faith, which could include Eastern Orthodox Church or a Christian denomination. The Jewish community accounts for 6.5% of the total population.