Oak Ridge, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Do you want to know the Population & Steets of Oak Ridge City? You can find out by reading the following article. It contains vital statistics such as the average number of residents, the highest and lowest incomes, and other information. For more details, check out the table below. You will also learn the racial makeup of the city and the percentage of people who are married or not.

The city began in the spring of 1943 with a small group of construction workers. It grew to around 66,000 people by summer 1944, and a little over 80,000 residents by the fall of 1945. The city's growth required a labor force of nearly 80,000, and it was the fifth largest city in Tennessee in 1944. In addition, it had the sixth largest bus service in the country, which meant that residents from out of town were bussed in by train or bus. However, this was only possible because wartime restrictions had prohibited the building of an airport in Oak Ridge.

The population density of Oak Ridge City is around 344 people per square mile. This is lower than that of other cities in the region. Only Oliver Springs and Farragut have higher population densities than Oak Ridge. Although Oak Ridge City is not a major city, it is still home to several important federal government facilities. The city is also home to the Department of Energy. If you are interested in knowing the population density of Oak Ridge City, you can visit the official website of the city.