Parnell, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Parnell's population is diverse. Most residents identify as Mexican, with an additional 7% reporting English and Irish roots. Other common ancestries include Native Americans, and the median household income is around $85,000. A full census is not available for the neighborhood, but its demographics are still noteworthy. Listed below are the percentages of each ancestry group, along with a more detailed breakdown for Parnell.

The population of Parnell is approximately 195 people. The median home value is $136,905 and the average household size is 2.72 people. Parnell is growing, and is projected to grow at a rate of 4.1%. Parnell's racial makeup is predominantly white, with just 0.1% of residents being black or Asian. It has some parks and reserves. There are several other community centers and businesses in the area.

In Parnell, there are numerous historic sites to visit. The Anglican Cathedral stands at the top of the hill, and replaced the original St. Mary's Cathedral, which burned down in 1888. The current church is composed of two distinct parts: the brick choir and the body of the church. The latter represents a simplified version of Gothic style. The spires and massing of both buildings are similar to those of Guildford Cathedral, designed by Edward Maufe.

The Parnell Rose Garden, also known as the Parnell Rose Garden, is a popular venue for weddings and other events. The park was originally named Parnell Park in the late 19th century and is surrounded by trellised verandahs. The gardens were originally part of a large estate, and the park still boasts mature trees from previous owners. Dove Myer Robinson Park is a prominent landmark and includes many memorials.