Purdin, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're considering moving to Purdin City, MO, you might be curious about the population and steets of the area. The population of Purdin, MO is 176 people, which is a little less than the national average. The city has seen a decrease in its population since 2020, and has a high crime rate, making it a good place to live if you're considering a move.

There are 105 people living in Purdin, and the median age is 38.4. The median household income is $48,125, up 57.1% from last year. The median racial or ethnic group of residents of Purdin is White (non-Hispanic), while 0% of the residents are Hispanic. Ninety-four percent of the population is U.S. citizens.

Purdin is a city located in Linn County, Missouri. Its population peaked at 177 in 2000 and has fallen by 20.6% since. The city is now the 17058th largest in the United States. The population of Purdin is decreasing at a rate of -0.57% per year, and has decreased by -8.4% since the 2010 census. Its land area is 0 square miles, and the population density is 568 people per square mile.