Raymondville, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Did you know that the population of Raymondville is 16.9% bigger than the state average? If you want to know more about this city, read this article. We will explore the various ways that you can learn more about Raymondville's population. We will also provide you with statistics that will help you understand the city's diversity and how the population of Raymondville is distributed. It's important to understand the statistics of any place, as they can vary widely.

The first thing you should know about Raymondville is the name of the city. It was named after Edward Burleson Raymond, a former foreman of King Ranch Division. The railroad later extended right of way through Raymondville and Henrietta King sold town lots. This thriving city remains an important agricultural hub in the region. The city's downtown is home to several murals that illuminate the area.

The median property value of a home in Raymondville is $47,000, which is about 0.195 times smaller than the national average. The percentage of homeowners in Raymondville is 68.6% and the median household income is $24,964. The average household income is $34,327, which means that the population of Raymondville has a higher than average income level. Almost 60% of residents have graduated from high school.

The population of Rayville is approximately half that of the state of Texas. Using Census data for the past two years, the city's population and citizenship percentage are analyzed. The highest proportion of foreign-born residents is from the Americas, followed by Asia and Oceania. The lowest percentage of citizens who were born abroad is from Mexico and Oceania. In comparison, the state of Texas has the highest percentage of foreign-born residents.