Weldon Spring, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What's the population of Weldon Spring? This small Missouri city has a population of roughly 45,000 people, and was incorporated in 1984. The city is in the Fourth Class City in the State of Missouri. Its population is composed of primarily people from Weldon Spring and surrounding communities. The surrounding area consists of gently rolling hills and ravines, with a few larger hills. This area is home to Missouri's Katy Trail, which winds along the base of the bluffs. To find the trailhead, head to Pitman Hill Road.

Weldon Spring is home to an average of 5.19k people, and the city has a lower-than-average number of people of every race and ethnicity. The city's population density is also lower than the state and national averages. It has a higher than average homeownership rate (88.5%), and a lower than average crime rate (0.9%). Residents of Weldon Spring are also more likely to own a car, with an average of two vehicles per household.

The most common racial group living in Weldon Spring is White, with Black people and Native Americans occupying the lowest percentages. There are no super commuters in the city, with 0% of Weldon Spring, MO workers reporting their commute times as less than 90 minutes. Among the workforce in Weldon Spring, MO, the most common occupations include management, sales, and office and administrative support jobs.