Fallon, Nevada Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Fallon City, Nevada is spread out with the median household income at $35,935. Males made up 29.7% of the population while females made up twenty-nine percent. There were also less than one hundred people living below the poverty line. Fallon is also located near US Highway 95 and Interstate 80, making it a convenient place to visit on your way to Carson City or Las Vegas. The Fallon area is a place of extensive agricultural activity with the Truckee River serving as a source of water for the irrigation of over fifty thousand acres of land. Alfalfa is the primary crop grown in this area.

The city has a downtown area and a population of over 8500. The main employer of the town is the large Naval Air Station Fallon (NAS) located just outside the city. The NAS is the premier air-to-air training facility for the United States Navy. It is home to several advanced training schools for US Navy pilots. NAS Fallon also hosts Navy SEAL combat search and rescue training.

As a result, the area is relatively diverse. One-story buildings are common in the Fallon area. Two-story buildings will support diverse uses and maximize the use of limited commercial space. Parking in the area is typically on the street and on small pockets to the rear and sides of buildings. The design of the street should be attractive and encourage pedestrian activity and neighborhood-appropriate vehicle speeds. With all this in mind, it is time to consider the development of Fallon's village centers.