Orovada, Nevada Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're wondering how many people live in Orovada City, then you're not alone. The population of this city is fairly spread out. It has an average age of 34 and is composed of thirty-two percent children, seven percent adults, and nine percent senior citizens. The school district of the city operates five public schools in the community, with some zones being served by Orovada School and others by Kings River School.

The average price of a single-family home in Orovada, NV is $219,134. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Orovada, NV costs $711 per month. Depending on your preferences, you can find out how many people live in your desired climate in Orovada, Nevada. It is important to note that the average temperature, humidity, annual rainfall, and snowfall will affect your personal comfort level.

Orovada is a conservative Republican community. There are 64 white residents, one Black or African American resident, and no Native American population. Its median household income is N/A. And the number of people working in sales, management, and arts occupations is N/A. However, the population of Orovada is growing. If you are considering a move to Orovada, NV, make sure to check out the statistics on the area. You'll want to find a place that is a great place to raise a family, and you'll be happy with that choice. If you're interested in learning more about the demographics of Orovada, NV, be sure to visit the city website.

The official ZIP code for Orovada City is 89425. Using this ZIP code, you can find out what schools are available in this community. The list of ZIP codes is listed below, along with the city's population and other important information. Lastly, you can even check out the schools in Orovada City by clicking on the state list at the bottom of this page. It will give you some helpful information about the city's schools.