Cayuga, New York Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you want to know the Population & Steets in Calyuga City, NY, you should start by looking up the area around the city. You'll find several cities within 56 miles of Cayuga City, New York, and the population for each is listed below. These large cities can be helpful for travel, but it's also possible to find smaller towns that are close enough to visit.

The Cayuga Village has a population of 549 as of the 2010 census. It is named after the indigenous Cayuga people and is located in the western part of Aurelius, NY. The Sullivan Expedition of 1779 traveled through the town, which was incorporated in 1857 and reincorporated in 1874. Cayuga Village is on the east shore of Cayuga Lake, and New York State Route 90 runs through the city.

The median property value in Cayuga, NY is $112,800, which is 0.469 times smaller than the national average. Cayuga's homeownership rate is 77.4%, compared to 75% for the nation as a whole. Cayuga, NY has two car households with a median of two cars. These numbers are a great indicator of the area's quality of life.

Cayuga's population was approximately 700 people in 1988, when large lignite reserves were discovered. By 1989, Cayuga had several businesses and regional offices for two major petroleum companies. As of 2000, the population had increased to two hundred and fifty. The town's population is now about half as large as it was in 1990. This is an extremely small city by New York City's standards, but it's a thriving town.