Glendon, North Carolina Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What is the population of Glendon City? This city is located in the state of West Virginia. The population is roughly 2,500. The city's demographics are fairly low compared to other Pennsylvania cities. The crime rate in Glendon is lower than the national average and below that of the state. The city has many parks and recreational areas that are not crowded with residents. The city's crime rate may appear higher than it really is, because crime happens where people are.

The number of renter-occupied housing units in Glendon, PA, is 0.49. This figure is based on data from the Census Bureau and ESRI. The number of renter-occupied housing units has increased by 2% compared to 2015 figures. Meanwhile, the number of renter-occupied units in Mechanicsville and Stewartsville is 35 and 20, respectively. The population of renter-occupied housing units in Glendon is 0.49.

The village of Glendon was incorporated in 1956. It is surrounded by lakes for fishing and recreational purposes. There are many stocked lakes in the area, including Minnie Lake, Bangs Lake, Moose Lake, Muriel, Seibert Lake, Pinehurst Lake, Spencer, and Muriel. The Glendon Church is the only remaining structure from the early days of the town. Glendon is the entrance to Lakeland Provincial Park and is 60 kilometers from heavy oil projects.

The median house price in Glendon, PA is $361,094. This price is lower than the US average of $376,286, but it is higher than those of the surrounding towns. If you are planning a road trip, check out the towns within 50 miles of Glendon, PA. You can also compare Glendon, PA to nearby cities, such as Donnally Mills, PA, and Bridgeton, NC.