Point Harbor, North Carolina Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Listed below are the Population & Steets in Point Harbour City, NJ. For a complete breakdown of the city's population, see our Point Harbor City, NJ demographics page. Among the different types of households, the city is home to both singles and families. A majority of Harbor's population is either single or married. The city's median age is 35 years. Males outnumber females by a ratio of 93.6 to one, and there are almost ninety-three males for every one female in the city.

Barack Obama received 1,166 votes in the city, which is 56.4% of the total vote in Atlantic County. John McCain, on the other hand, garnered 737 votes. That is about 37.7% of the total vote count in Point Harbor City. The other candidates received only 27 votes each. Of the 2,700 registered voters in the city, approximately 46.8% turned out to vote. Population & Steets in Point Harbor City

Despite its diverse ethnicity, Point Harbor City has a long history of immigration and development. Its booming fishing industry and its expansion as a port for the Port of Los Angeles brought an assortment of European and Hispanic residents to the city. These groups have a strong presence in the community, and strong family ties encourage many to remain in the area, leaving behind a unique, albeit large, small town flavor.