Boynton, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Population & Steets in Boyrton City is a crucial part of the local economy. A recent census indicates that a third of the city's population is disadvantaged. In addition, the city's median household income is $57,000. The poverty rate is approximately ten percent. However, this low poverty rate does not mean that the city is safe, especially during certain hours of the day. Although violent crime has declined in recent years, it still remains a significant problem. For those who want to know how safe a city is, it is a good idea to use a reliable crime mapping service.

While this city does not have a high percentage of African-Americans, the number of Hispanic residents is relatively small. The majority of the city's population is White. A small proportion of residents are Asian and Hispanic. Despite being a small city, there are many Cuban expatriate communities in the area. In addition to its low poverty rate, Boynton City is also home to several high-income industries.

The city's residents have an excellent selection of recreational opportunities. Some residents enjoy hiking, golfing, or other outdoor activities. The city's climate is mild year-round, with temperatures typically ranging from the mid-eighties to the low seventies. The city experiences 61 inches of annual rainfall. You can find plenty of opportunities to enjoy your city in this sunny, sun-soaked city.