Calera, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

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In 1869, a settlement known as Calera was established in the area. The name is Spanish for 'lime,' and was officially designated as a city in 1869. The city was founded on the Calera Land Company's land. Dunstan served as the city's first mayor. In 1872, the first bank opened, with $10,000 of working capital. Local newspapers reported that railroads were doing well, but linemen were complaining that there weren't enough cars.

The city is located in Shelby and Chilton counties, and has an estimated population of over 10,000 people. Its location on a major rail and highway route contributed to the city's growth. The Alabama and Tennessee River Railroad connected river ports in Selma and Chattanooga. The railroad also linked the cities to the northeast and north. The Calera community has since become a thriving, diverse town.

The median household income in Calera City is $35,650. It is low compared to the state average of 28.3% and to other nearby cities such as Knollwood and Ardmore. Forty-six percent of the population is renter. A significant percentage of Calera residents live in apartments and rent their homes. The city's rent burden is significantly lower than the state average of thirty-nine percent. The city also has a low percentage of homeless households - just three percent.