Caney, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are curious about the population of Caney City, Kansas, read this article. This article will cover the population and steets in Caney City. You will learn how many people live in Caney and how many are renters. The poverty rate in Caney is about 17.8%, which is slightly higher than the state average of nine percent. The median gross rent in Caney is $655 per month.

The median household income in Caney City, TX is $9079. The median family income in Caney is $21,250, with males earning an average of $26,250 and females earning $22,778. The per capita income in Caney City is $7,980. While 36.8% of residents live below the poverty line, there are no children under the age of eighteen living in poverty. Caney City is led by Travis Lamar Matthews Jr.

The median property value in Caney was N/A in 2019. Homeownership in Caney City is 84.5%, higher than the national average of 64.1%. The average commute time in Caney City, TX is 41.5 minutes. Nearly everyone in the city drives to work by themselves. The median property value is $16,500. Residents own one car on average. The median household income in Caney City is lower than the national average.

A report of a dog bite victim prompted Caney police to respond to the scene. A female reported being attacked by a neighbor's dog and was able to seek medical attention on her own. A female Caney Valley Public School employee was also arrested for a COVID-19 blood test. Luckily, the investigation did not result in a felony charge, but the arrest did lead to further investigations.