Foster, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

In terms of diversity, areas in green are more diverse than those in red. Generally speaking, neighborhoods with more than one race and ethnicity are more diverse. On the other hand, areas that are all white are considered to have little diversity. So, how do you find out if you live in a city with more than one race? Read on to learn more. Population & Steets in Foster City - How to Read a Neighborhood's Demographics

Although the city is a suburb of San Francisco, it is home to many notable residents. The city is home to the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge and the Werder Pier, which is the oldest fishing pier in California. The pier was once a popular fishing spot, but closed due to needed repairs. Some famous people from the surrounding areas have lived in Foster City, including Peter Thiel, the gay libertarian billionaire and former San Francisco Giants pitcher. Also a famous resident of the city is Norman Hsu, a former Ponzi scheme scam artist.

The population of Foster City is approximately thirty-five thousand. It is located midway between San Francisco and San Jose, and has an average population density of eight thousand five hundred people per square mile. Despite the large number of non-Hispanic residents, the majority of the population is White, with a significant amount of Asian and Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander groups. The city is known as a family-friendly place, with nearly 54% of residents having children under the age of eighteen.