Geronimo, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Geronimo city population is approximately 1,268 people. The city is part of the Lawton Metropolitan Area. You can learn more about Geronimo's population by reading the table below. Also, you can learn about the nearby cities. These cities are within 49 miles of Geronimo City. Listed below are some of the largest cities and towns nearby. They are also listed in order from largest to smallest.

The rent burden measures the proportion of household income spent on rental housing, which is useful when comparing cities. The rent burden in Geronimo City is significantly lower than the state average of 28.3%. The neighboring cities of Hinton and Bellevue have much higher rent burdens. As of 2016, 28.0% of housing units in Geronimo were occupied by renters.

The median household income in Geronimo, OK is $45,043. The city has an ethnicity breakdown that reflects its racial composition. The most common race in Geronimo is White (Non-Hispanic), followed by Two+ and American Indian & Alaska Native. Hispanics are only 14.3% of the population. You can see the seven races in Geronimo in the chart below.

Crime in Geronimo is low compared to neighboring cities. Crime rates per thousand people are similar in the east and west neighborhoods. The crime map in Geronimo may look inflated due to the small number of retail establishments in the area. Many crimes are committed in retail areas of blocks with few people. Therefore, Geronimo's crime rate is lower than the state average.