Haskell, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you wondering how many people live in Haskell City, Texas? You can learn more about the city by looking at its Population & Steets. The city has a population of 3,204 people, which has grown by 0.6% from the year 2020. Its median household income is $27,786. There are a total of 4,658 households. The average home value in Haskell is $71,900.

In 1873, the state legislature created Arapahoe County. In 1883, it was incorporated into Finney County and named after Congressman Dudley C. Haskell. Its population was 2,841 in the 1887 census. The town's first store was located in a tent. In 1904, the city had concrete sidewalks and paved streets. Electricity was installed in the area, and water works were built. The Tulsa-Muskogee Turnpike bypassed Haskell in 1969.

Haskell is a small town located 19 miles northwest of Muskogee on U.S. Highway 64. In the early eighteenth century, French explorer Jean Baptiste Benard de La Harpe visited the Three Forks area. He reported in his journal that the King of France was displayed in 1719. This site is believed to be near Haskell. The area is also the home of a thriving banking industry.

Approximately 33% of Haskell's population has at least a bachelor's degree. Almost 50% of its population is employed in the service industry. The remaining percentage is employed in blue-collar roles. In general, Haskell is a diverse community. It is home to two public 18-hole golf courses. Eagle Bend Golf Course hosted the American Junior Golf Association Championship in 2000. Alvamar Golf Course was rated as the "best-maintained golf course in the United States" by Grounds Maintenance magazine.