Lane, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

A quick look at the population and steets of Lane City, Oregon provides some useful information. Lane County's PIT survey shows that the homeless population was 15,000 at the end of last year, with 83 percent of them being single adults and the remaining 15 percent being persons with children. There are also a large number of Veterans. These statistics suggest that the area's homeless population is at risk for eviction and homelessness.

The report outlines several recommendations for improving the county's homelessness services. While these recommendations do not address every homeless issue in Lane City, they are helpful. A PIT count, or Point-in-Time survey, is conducted by the county every two years. This is required by the federal government, and Lane County complies with the mandate. The data provided in the PIT survey, as well as the county's own homeless census, provides some important information.

The analysis has found that Lane County has limited outreach programs that connect homeless individuals with permanent housing. Lane County has only four outreach programs for single adults - the White Bird SAMHSA PATH program and the Shankle homeless shelter. There is also not enough staff to effectively engage with these populations. As a result, vulnerable individuals remain in Lane County's homeless population. As a result, the county must implement more comprehensive approaches to address homelessness.