Paden, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are considering moving to Paden City, WV, you might be wondering about the population and steets of this city. The population of Paden City, WV is approximately 2,633 according to the 2010 census. Paden City is situated on the Ohio River in Tyler County. Approximately 4% of the population is foreign-born. The city has a history dating back to 1902.

The city has a low crime rate, with only a single property crime reported in 2012. Residents are known for their sense of community, with the Paden City Park and Campgrounds a popular destination for weekend get-togethers. The Paden City, WV zip code is also available for online searches. If you need to find the zip code for a location, the address is listed below.

The median property value in Paden City, WV is $84,800. Paden City has a higher homeownership rate (68.1%), and most residents commute by car alone. In fact, the median property value in Paden City is the same as the national average, and people living in the city own two cars. There are about 3.09k people living in this city. There are three major neighborhoods in Paden City.

The median income in Paden City, WV is $46,563. This is lower than the national median of $65,712. However, the low income levels in Paden City may be a sign of a deteriorating economy. While the median income is lower than the national average, it is still above the poverty level in other parts of the city. The majority of residents are employed in Health Care & Social Assistance and Manufacturing, while the minority live in other sectors.