Paoli, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are considering moving to Paoli, Pennsylvania, there are several options. For example, residents can grab a morning coffee at Our Deli & Meats. Weekend brunches are often found at Saladworks, PrimoHoagies, or Wawa. For dessert, you can hit Dunkin' or Carangi Baking Co. Some people love to order tacos from Tio Mexican Restaurant, smash burgers from SmashBurger, or enjoy a meal at Baxter's Restaurant.

The demographics of a city can also give you some idea of the quality of neighborliness. Paoli, for example, has a 74% homeowner rate and an average household size of 2.2 members. Although these numbers may not be indicative of quality of life, they can help you choose a neighborhood that's right for you. Some people enjoy living in a walkable city, while others like the tranquility of a suburban setting.

A good place to start looking for a low crime rate is near a major airport or park. Even though this area is relatively safe, crime rates may be higher there. And, crime happens where people are. For example, the central part of the city has more stores and retail establishments, while many people don't live there. That means that areas with high murder rates aren't necessarily dangerous for Paoli residents.

The demographics of Paoli are not too surprising. A majority of residents are white, with just under 9% being African. One third of Americans are single, which means that there is an ample amount of singles in Paoli. The median household income is $73,450. With a gender ratio of 51 percent, this town is home to many veterans. You can learn more about this city's past by checking out the demographics and a few facts about its residents.