Piedmont, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following table presents Population & Steets by Census Classification in Piedmont City, California. The data is presented for all household types in the city. The most common racial and ethnic groups living below the poverty line in Piedmont, CA, are Asians, Whites, and Multiples. Depending on the size and composition of a family, households with income below a certain threshold are classified as being in poverty. Non-citizens are defined as foreign nationals, legal permanent residents, international students, and temporary workers. In Piedmont, California, these groups also include illegal immigrants and foreign nationals.

The median age of Piedmont residents was 47.4 in 2019. This was 8.4 times higher than the national average. The median property value in Piedmont, CA was $2M in 2019, up 8.32 percent from the previous year. The median homeownership rate in Piedmont, CA is 87.9%, higher than the national average. The median commute time was 26.1 minutes, and a majority of residents drive alone to work. The median age of Piedmont residents is 47 years old, and the majority of residents are White.

Piedmont is a diverse city with many different racial groups. The majority of residents are white, with a minority of Asian or Black residents living in the area. The community has a significant amount of single adults and young children. Its population is made up of predominantly single-family homes. Although Piedmont may not be a perfect city with a vibrant nightlife, it has many positive characteristics that make it a good place for families to live.