Porter, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Porter City population was estimated to be 9,466 in the 2010 census. While this is significantly less than the state average, the city is still home to a number of people. For instance, the unemployment rate was significantly lower than the state average, and the percentage of households with children was below the state average. Also, the average age of households was about thirty-seven, and there were many college students in the community.

The Indiana median household income was $91,667 in 2018, higher than the US average of $65,712 in that year. This number shows that the wage distribution is less unequal in this city than it is in other parts of the state. In fact, Porter has a lower income inequality than most other cities in the state, with males earning about 1.4 times more than females. However, the median income for Porter, IN is still much higher than that of the national average.