Ratliff City, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Ratliff City is a city located in the state of Oklahoma. It has a low proportion of unmarried men. There are also very few single women living in the city. The average age in Ratliff City is 38 years old. This city also has a low proportion of divorced and widowed men.

Ratliff City has a small number of Native and Asian residents. However, the majority of people are White. This city is also home to a small number of Hispanic and Native Americans. Its population density is in the mid-range compared to the other nearby cities.

In Ratliff City, OK, a high percentage of residents own their homes. This means that people here pay a high percentage of property taxes. However, this percentage is higher than the national average. In the same way, Ratliff City, OK residents are more likely to own their home than renters.

Women in Ratliff City, OK have a higher education level than men. Women in Ratliff City, OK have an average of 36.0% higher education levels than men. They are also more likely to hold master's degrees than men. In Ratliff City, OK, the percentage of veterans is higher than the average.

The demographics of a place can help determine how friendly it is to live there. For example, if the majority of households are owner-occupied, that might suggest that the area is more neighborly. Ratliff City has an average household size of 2.4 people. However, quality of life is very subjective. Some people enjoy living in a walkable neighborhood while others appreciate the serenity and quiet of the suburbs. Others do not mind a reasonable commute.