Salina, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What is the population of Salina City? What is the racial makeup of the community? This information is vital for local residents. Here is an overview of the city's population. You'll also find important contact information for the City. Listed below are the population and steets of Salina. The information on these pages is updated and revised annually. You can visit the City website for the latest statistics.

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Before the city became known as a cowboy town, it was part of the territory of the Kansa people. The French claimed the area as part of Louisiana in 1803 and later acquired it from France. Eventually, the land was incorporated into Kansas Territory. In 1854, a pioneer named Preston B. Plumb led the first American settlement on the Saline River. A century later, Salina would become one of the largest towns in Kansas.

In 1862, the population of Salina city was about 5,000. During the war, it grew slowly, but it soon became a thriving city. In 1867, the Kansas Pacific Railway was completed and brought a wave of immigration to the area. By the 1870s, Salina had several churches. A school was in operation since 1862. The first teacher of Salina's public school was Miss Thacher.