Shidler, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're wondering what the population and steets of Shidler City are, read on. This is a city in the state of Oklahoma, USA. The city has a population density of 894 people per square mile, which is midrange compared to other cities in the area. Shidler has a lower population density than Ralston, which has a population density of 706 people per square mile. The largest population group is between 30 and 39 years old, and the smallest is between 40 and 49.

The population of Shidler is 34 percent. The city has a median income of $45,875. It is a largely rural area, so it isn't particularly populated by African Americans. However, many immigrants are settling in Shidler, and the population is growing. As a result, the city is experiencing a rapid growth of its economy. This trend is expected to continue as people begin to reinvest in their local economy and build a life of freedom and self-sufficiency.

The percentage of US citizens living in Shidler is 99.4%, down from 99.5% in 2018. While that's still a significant number, it is not nearly as high as the national average. There are many other differences between Shidler and the surrounding geographies. In fact, Shidler, OK has a very large number of Gulf War (1990s) veterans. These individuals have a higher likelihood of surviving a natural disaster than those living in surrounding communities.