Welty, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you curious about the Population & Steets in WeltY City, OK? Hopefully, you have an idea of where you live and what it is like to live in this small town. But if you want to learn more, keep reading this article to discover more! There are some interesting facts about Welty City and the surrounding area! It's a great place to live and do business!

The violent crime rate in Welty is lower than the national average. That means that there are fewer violent crimes per thousand people in Welty than in other cities. The city's violent crime rate is lower than the national average, and it's slightly higher in the northwest and west parts of town. It's not, however, dangerous to live in the northwest part of Welty. It is generally safe in the west part of the city.

In 1907, Chris Welty joined the Lamar Life Insurance Company. He became assistant secretary by the year's end. The Weltys lived on North Congress Street, and kept chickens and a cow in the backyard. They lived within six blocks of Chris's office and two blocks of the state capitol. The Weltys also lived across the street from a grammar school, and were in sight of a cemetery.