Wilburton, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Population & Steets in Wilburton City, OK, include the number of people who live below the poverty line and the racial/ethnic makeup of the city. The poverty line is defined as the income at which half of a family's members fall below a certain amount. The Census Bureau defines poverty as income below a certain level, which varies by family size and composition. Currently, 107,399 residents of Wilburton, OK are living below the poverty line.

In 1931, Wilburton became known as the "Little Capital of Oklahoma," thanks to the numerous government officials and notable citizens from the community. Among the notable citizens from Wilburton include Chief Justice Eugene Lester, Speaker of the House Carlton Weaver, President of the Senate Chad Briggs, and Industrial Commission Member Matt McElroy. In 1938, a special election was held to determine which town would be the county seat.

The Census Bureau has published data on the population of Wilburton City, OK, since 1880. The city has a C1 census class code, which does not serve as a county subdivision equivalent. The city is located within the Wilburton Division of Latimer County. In Wilburton, the ZIP code is 74578 plus 4.

The 2010 census shows that the median annual income in Wilburton, OK is $33,464 (lower than the national average of $65,712). However, this figure does not take into account the fact that only 52.4% of the population is employed. The town's median household income is $33,464 (upper middle class).