Lanesboro, Pennsylvania Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Lanesboro is a city in Fillmore County, Minnesota. The population of Lanesboro was 754 at the 2010 census. The South Fork of the Root River flows through Lanesboro. It is also home to the Root River State Trail, which intersects the city. In addition to the Root River, the city is also home to two golf courses. The population of Lanesboro is constantly on the decline.

Lanesboro has a high percentage of families, with 66% working in blue-collar positions. Its population is also comprised of a high percentage of single-parent households. The overall life expectancy is slightly higher than the national average, at 68.6 years. Overall, the quality of life is above average, making Lanesboro a desirable location for raising a family.

Lanesboro's demographics include the number of immigrants and the percentage of US citizens. Additionally, the city ranks #1 for the proportion of residents who were born outside of the US. The ethnic breakdown of the population of Lanesboro is presented below. In terms of citizenship, Lanesboro is home to 650 Whites, 20 Whites (Hispanics), and three Two+ non-Hispanics.

In terms of age, the median age for residents was 49.8 years. Twenty-four percent of residents were younger than 18 years. Another twenty-four percent were between 25 and 44. A further 6.7% of households were composed of single adults, while 38.9% were composed of individuals. And, finally, 19.3% of households had a senior citizen. The median family size in Lanesboro City is two and a half years.