Winfield, Pennsylvania Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

This article explains the demographics of Winfield City and its surrounding area. The population was spread out and included 61.1% white people, 12.3% Black or African Americans, and 5.4% of people ages fifteen and older. The highest wage earners were employed in professional, scientific, and management services, followed by transportation and warehousing, and educational services. Winfield is home to a median household income of $51,518 (2018 figures), which compares to a national average of $41,250.

The median household income in Winfield, AL is N/A, making it one of the more affordable areas in the area. More than 99% of Winfield, AL residents live in a home and drive to work. Approximately 2.22 percent of the workforce works from home. The chart below shows the percentage of households that use different modes of transportation in Winfield. The data is displayed on a logarithmic scale, which helps illustrate the variation in smaller modes of transportation.

Winfield City is located in Morgan County and is the second largest city in the county. It is home to an annual Mule Day festival, which was once ranked one of the top 20 events in the Southeast. The population of Winfield is estimated at approximately seven hundred and eighty people. In 1840, Winfield was a small community. Now, the city has a population of around four thousand residents.