Sandy, Utah Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Sandy is a city in the state of Utah. As the name suggests, it is the capital of Salt Lake County. The population of Sandy is roughly 60,000. Sandy is divided into two parts: the eastern region sits along the Wasatch Range, and the western section is situated at the bottom of a valley. Interstate 15 and State Street run through the western portion of Sandy. The Jordan River forms the western border with West Jordan.

The US Census Bureau uses census tracts to divide the country. Each tract is a statistical subdivision with between one and eight thousand people. These statistical subdivisions are relatively stable, but they do split based on population fluctuations. Sandy City is listed in 28 census tracts. Sandy has a predominantly white population, with approximately 93% white residents and 5% Asian or Pacific Islander people. The city's population is also comprised of 8.214 people of Hispanic and/or Latino descent.

Sandy City is a city in the state of Utah located 13 miles south of Salt Lake City. Originally a small farming community, Sandy City became a major center for Utah's agricultural industry. Its sandy soil required large amounts of water for crops. When silver was discovered in nearby Little Cottonwood Canyon, the town began to grow quickly. Its importance to the mining industry made it a supply hub for silver miners. Eventually, however, the silver mines dried up and the city returned to a small agricultural community.