Kilmarnock, Virginia Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Kilmarnock is roughly 1,433 people. This means that a majority of the people are White. There are also approximately 690 Black or African American residents in the city. There are also about 26 Asian residents. This means that the population is slightly less than average. The median gross rent in Kilmarnock is $504 per month. You can also find out how much income people make in Kilmarnock by looking at the poverty rate.

The economy is largely based on the farming, forestry, and fishing industries. The watermen continue to harvest fish, Virginia oyster, and blue crabs. Family produce farms are also flourishing in Kilmarnock. Tourism is also a significant source of economic activity in the city and the surrounding area. The Steptoe's District has a historic, quaint feel, with paved sidewalks and underground utilities.

The main highways in Kilmarnock connect to Glasgow. The Fenwick Bridge is the main route between the cities. The south side of the city has a motorway that will connect to the M74 near Calderpark. This will eliminate heavy traffic on the A71. The main transport provider in Kilmarnock is the Stagecoach Group, which runs buses to most major towns in west Scotland. The city also has a bus station.

To determine the population of a city, you can use an official website to obtain the latest statistics. The General Register Office of Scotland publishes mid-2012 estimates. This website uses these estimates to determine population and steets. The values are approximate. You can also search for a specific address and use the Quick Select feature to find the ZIP Code for that address. There are two elementary schools and two high schools in Kilmarnock.