Haywood, West Virginia Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Haywood City, MO was 122 people in 2019. The median age was 54.5. There were four white residents and one hispanic person living in the city. That's 0% of the total population. The median property value was $42,500. Residents owned two cars on average, and most commuted by car. The median household income was $26,806 per person. In 2019, the city had 122 people.

This chart shows the percentage of households in Haywood City, MO who use different modes of transportation. On the y-axis, the percentage of households using cars is represented by logarithmic scale. Haywood City, MO households are distributed according to car ownership buckets, with the most households owning two cars. Among households, the highest proportion owns one car, followed by two cars.