Identification is important, either it is an individual, commodity, or service, the world identifies them through their specific traits or personalized identifications. Phone numbers are known to be identified through their IMEI numbers. To identify these special numbers, an IMEI tracker makes it very easy for people to authenticate.

What Is an IMEI Number and IMEI Tracker?

International Mobile Equipment Identity, better known as IMEI, is the sole identification scheme that makes a mobile unique all around the world. This number is a perfect source for helping carriers and manufacturers track the location of the phone if it has been lost or stolen. These 15-digit social security numbers give an identity to the smartphone that is being developed.

However, to understand how IMEI numbers can be used for tracking stolen phones, this article explains the 10 best IMEI trackers for easy tracking. Among them, the 3 best options to track phones using IMEI are provided as follows:

5 Best IMEI Tracker & Sites

This part shall introduce the readers to the 5 best options that can come into their mind to track phones using IMEI online.

FindPeopleFast – The Best IMEI Tracker to Track Your Phone Online

Accuracy, security, and intuitiveness are the three traits that come into mind when considering FindPeopleFast as the best IMEI tracker. FindPeopleFast is known to provide its users with in-depth information focusing on the basic details of the person behind it, for example, you can run a phone lookup by name online. This IMEI tracker assures that the users locate their stolen or lost phone without any hassle.

Why is FindPeopleFast Really the Best IMEI Tracker in the Market?

If you look into the major reasons that make FindPeopleFast the best option for effective IMEI tracking, you will short-list the following points that made you consider it.

Does Not Track any Data
FindPeopleFast is known for its strict policy with data tracking. It provides anonymity to its users and helps them discover the location of the phone without compromising their own identity.
Efficient Customer Service
Users are promptly responded by their customer service representatives for assistance in using the platform appropriately. The platform answers all the queries of its users on time, thanks to its hard working customer service.
Simple and Effective
IMEI tracking has never been easier with FindPeopleFast. Its extremely simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for users to consume its services across any device.
Proficient Database
FindPeopleFast contains extensive information within its databases. This helps the tool to locate the origin or location of any device within no time. Users are empowered with its appreciable pace of discovering data.

How to Track Lost Android Phone using IMEI Number on FindPeopleFast

While understanding the reasons that makes FindPeopleFast the best, users need to understand the steps that help them track lost Android phone using IMEI number on FindPeopleFast.

  • Step 1: The user needs to access the ‘IMEI Tracking Tool’ of FindPeopleFast.
  • Step 2: Type in the IMEI number in the search bar and let the platform display results for you.
  • Step 3: The results shall appear after a while with the status and the current location of the device.

TrackIMEI – Track Phone Using IMEI 

There are multiple options that are present as an alternative to FindPeopleFast. Another online service that can help you track your phone with ease without paying any price is TrackIMEI. It is an extremely simple and effective platform that provides you direct results after searching through the available information across its database.

TrackIMEI provides its tracking services across multiple locations, which includes the US as well as the UK and several other countries throughout the globe. The user needs to simply provide their IMEI number to track results across the simple user interface.

PhoneSpector – Find My Device with IMEI

Sometimes, users need something more than just an IMEI tracker. PhoneSpector breaks down such barriers and presents itself as an optimal phone tracking service in the market. The platform not only helps you in tracking down the device but uses other services such as social media, text, calls, etc. It helps you carry out all the crucial tasks that are halted due to the absence of the phone itself.

PhoneSpector is much better than other IMEI trackers, as it helps users regulate their phone activities to prevent it from being used under some criminal act.

CocoFinder – Find My Device with IMEI

CocoFinder offers reliability in its service, which makes it an important asset in the market. Along with IMEI tracking, there are several other services such as background check, reverse phone, email, and address lookup that can be utilized for various purposes.

With simplicity as a very effective trait, CocoFinder can be one of the best options in IMEI tracking. Its extensive database provides users with accurate and to-the-point results.

Prey – Find Phone by IMEI

Known as one of the most powerful anti-theft applications, Prey makes it exceptionally easy to locate devices. If your device has been stolen, Prey's simple interface makes it possible for you to track it through an IMEI number.

The variety of other features offered across the service, such as GPS tracking, lockdown, and photo capture, are considerable highlights of this IMEI tracking platform.

Top 5 IMEI Tracker in Google Play

The aforementioned solutions are accessible through a web browser and other multiple ways. If users require a specific application that can be accessed across their Android device, the following part offers them their remedy. Users can consider using their Google accounts for effective IMEI tracking. For this, multiple applications can cater to their need to find a phone by IMEI.

Find My Device

This is undoubtedly one of the most mainstream applications that can be accessed for locating your stolen phone. Find My Device by Google is a very proficient example of cohesive tracking. Its features include looking across the real-time location of the device, utilizing indoor maps, or consuming services of the device such as playing sounds.

Lost Android

Confused about what to do over losing your Android device? Lost Android provides users with a unique experience of managing and tracking the location of the lost device using SMS. If the user intends to use Lost Android to control their lost Android device, they can send an SMS for covering multiple tasks. It includes erasing SD cards, wiping the phone, enabling APN control, etc.

They can get hold of the real-time location of the device by tracking its location through GPS or other networks.

Where’s My Droid

The concept of IMEI tracking has been revolutionized by the Where's My Droid application. This tool not only comprehensively provides a structure for locating the lost phone but helps users control all the data and remove it under unforeseen circumstances. Where's My Droid offers a very competent set of features, which makes it one of the best options in the market.

Mobile Security, Antivirus, ID Protection: Lookout

As the name suggests, this platform provides a very diverse set of features of phone management. For effective location tracking, the user can set up different alerts and signal flares to find their device’s location with ease. This lookout app ensures that the user track phone using IMEI online with the aid of its diverse set of features.

Find My Phone: Find Lost Phone

This platform is another solution to efficient IMEI tracking. It consumes a state-of-the-art GPS tracking functionality that has helped millions of users find the original location of their lost device. Its life-saving techniques make it one of the best options for tracking lost phones in the market. Users can effectively use its GPS tracking to get hold of their lost device by tracking, ringing, or obtaining its real-time location.

IMEI Number FAQs

What is the Basic Structure of an IMEI Number?

The 15-decimal digits number is designed under a comprehensive set of information. It contains information related to the origin, model, and serial number of the device. The model and origin of the device are usually settled across the first eight-digit portion of the IMEI number. Following this, the remaining part of the IMEI number contains a predefined serial number from the manufacturer.

Along with that, it has an optional Check Digit number at the end of the structure, which is usually transmitted to the network as zero. A simple example of this 15-digit IMEI number can be 49-015420-323751-8.

What Should Be Done with a Blocked or Blacklisted IMEI Number?

There is not much that you can do with a blocked or blacklisted IMEI number. The blocked numbers are shared across carriers which exempts the option of unblocking it across another carrier service. You can only contact the respective carrier to ask them to unlock the device.

Where to find the IMEI Number across your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

If you own an iPhone 6S or above, you can find its IMEI number across the SIM tray. However, if you have an iPhone below 6 Plus, its IMEI number is present across the back of the device.

Conversely, for users who have an iPad Pro, iPad, or iPod Touch they can find its respective IMEI across the back.

The Bottom Line

IMEI numbers can be very effective in getting hold of the location of a lost device. Users can try out multiple platforms to figure out how to track lost Android phones using IMEI n. This article presents both online solutions and applications that can guide users to perform efficient location tracking using different IMEI trackers.