10 Great Ways to Find Someone's Birthday Online Within Minutes

Innumerable reasons are there for the birthday lookup of a friend and relative. You might be too shy asking them directly about their birthdays, or you want to throw a big fat birthday surprise party. Moreover, you could be funny and love to sign them up for some doubtful products as a prank.

Have you forgotten your loved ones' birthday and want to find birthdays again, in order to present them with a beautiful gift? Or, whatever your intention is, birthday greetings are always captivating.

In today's article, FindPeopleFast will help you learn how to find out someone's birthday online and offline within a few minutes.

5 Best Way to Find out Someone's Birthday Online

FindPeopleFast - Use email, name, phone number, or similar details to find birthdays quickly.

Social Media - Go through available information in someone’s social media profile.

Snapchat - Click the Cake icon for your Snapchat connections.


Are you worried about how to find someone's birthday online?

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The requirement for a birthday search on Instagram is you need to follow that person. It is an inevitable step as if they could have locked their profiles for any random persons. It implies you can't check out their birthdays or gain more information about them.

People love to mention their birthdays right inside their profiles. So, if you are thinking of how to find someone's birthday on Instagram, checking out their bio is the best solution. How to do that? Well, open your friend's profile, and you can notice a bio right below the profile picture. Here, you can get their birthday information.


Facebook is a good way to find someone, so you can also use it to find someone's birthday easily. Well, there could be a possibility that the person hasn't included their date of birth on Facebook. In this case, you should:

  • Open that person's profile whose birthday you want to explore
  • Hit the "user's name" About section to check their birthday
  • Under the basic info, you will get to know the person's birthday

It's possible that some people don't include their birthdays and other personal information on Facebook. Now, you can move to the photos section and check out if they have any pictures uploaded on their birthday.


LinkedIn is a professional social network to get solutions for your queries. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, people fill out every minute detail here, including birthdays. In order to know about that person, add them to your network will be a better idea. Here, you need to:

  • Launch the LinkedIn app and hit the "My Network" section.
  • Press the "Manage my network."
  • Select the "connections" option.
  • Search for your desired person's profile whose date of birth you want to explore.
  • Keep scrolling until your find the "contact" heading and can check out their birthday.

But, there's no assurance that you can reveal their birthday-oriented information on LinkedIn.


To find someone's birthday on Snapchat is doable but requires immense leg work from your end. If you are willing to do hard work, Snapchat will reveal anyone's birthday, including your colleague and roommate.

Let's check out the ways of exploring if someone's birthday is today on Snapchat:

  • Your friend should be on your connection when you want to reveal their birthdays. So, launch the Snapchat app and head to the chat list by swiping left.
  • Open the chat and you will see a little cake icon right next to their name.
  • If it's today, you can wish them via Snapchat.

5 Best Ways to Run a Birthday Lookup Offline

Apart from the online ways of exploring someone's birthday, look at the top 5 methods to run an offline birthday lookup.

Phone a Common Friend

You should not fear when you have many friends who can help you out while providing birthday information about someone they share a mutual connection with. Are you stuck somewhere when you can't recall the birthday of someone you loved?

Calling a common friend will help you ease the complication. You need to ask your friend directly if they can recall your friend's birthday. There is possibly a good chance that they remember the date if they are not oblivious.

Check Their Calendar When Visiting Your Friend's House

Millions of people worldwide have similar names and quite similar details. So, no social media will assure you to discover your desired person. If your close friend's birthday matters to you most, a Google calendar on their device will showcase everything.

Moreover, if they own an iPhone, revealing the information will be a no-brainer.

You may also download any specific app to get a sneak peek at their phone by installing it on their smartphone. Visit the calendar section using your gadget and search for their birthday. It will be a cinch to identify their date of birth as it will show "happy birthday" written under description.

Take Them Somewhere They will Get Carded

If you are unable to find their date of birth or don't get access to their document in their home, you may take them somewhere while showing age proof is mandatory. It could be anything a pub, movie hall, or a liquor store.

Therefore, as soon as they take out their identity card, take a look at the date of birth, and you are done.

However, you may also deliberately grab their ID card, saying "you were looking great in the college days." Therefore, creating such distractions will help you know about their upcoming birthdays and surprise them with cakes and gifts.

Have a Look at Their Personal Issued Cards

People are inclined to keep important documents in their homes or offices.

If you are a colleague or a college buddy and have access to each other's place, you have an excellent chance to find their birthday if you are courageous to sneak around while searching for the docs.

These could be any personal documents, including a voter ID card, driving license, or birth certificate. They can't even understand that you have collected their birthday details and eager to throw a surprise party on that day.

Ask your HR, colleague, ex-colleague, or boss if you work with the person

A colleague, especially an HR professional, might have the birthday information. There is a stronger probability of this, primarily if they have worked for several years with that person whose birthday you want to know.

If they cannot help you out, talk to your boss directly in private, as they could help you bring forth that employee records on your behalf. After all, companies too want to treat their employees well and wish them on their special days.


These were the great hacks on how to find someone’s birthday. Hopefully, the article provides top ways on how to find someone's birthday online without letting them know. You can now move ahead and plan the surprise birthday event for your best friend or your loved ones.

Receiving credible birthday information is a piece of cake nowadays with FindPeopleFast and other listed solutions. You don't need to worry about privacy while conducting online searches, as all platforms are secured and don’t share any personal details with any third parties.