What Is The History Of The Last Name Bailey?

The last name Bailey is one that many people share today. But where did it come from? What is the history of the name Bailey?The Bailey name has its origins in England. It is derived from an Old English word, beag, meaning ‘little’. Thus, the name Bailey is thought to have been given to someone who was small or insignificant. It is also thought that the name may be a derivative of the word bailiff, which was a title given to someone who was in charge of a particular area or estate.

One of the first recorded instances of the name Bailey was in the Domesday Book of 1086. This was a survey of England that was conducted by William the Conqueror. The Bailey name was also found in various other records from the medieval era, including tax records and court documents.

The Bailey name began to spread to other parts of the world in the 1800s. It was particularly popular in the United States, where there were many Bailey families who migrated from England. Today, the Bailey name is found in countries all over the world.

What is the history of the last name Bailey? The answer to that question is not entirely clear. However, what is known is that the name has been around for centuries and is derived from an Old English word meaning ‘little’ or ‘insignificant’. The Bailey name is also thought to be a derivative of the word bailiff, which was a title given to someone who was in charge of a particular area or estate.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Bailey?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Bailey. For example, the band The Bailey Brothers were very popular in the 1950s. Other famous Baileys include actress Piper Laurie and basketball coach Pat Riley. However, the most famous Bailey of all may be the dog who played Beethoven in the popular movie of the same name.

Where Does The Last Name Bailey Rank In The Most Common US Names?

Names are a very important part of our lives. We are constantly referred to by our names and most of us have a strong emotional connection to our names. Our names are so important to us that we even choose them for our children.When it comes to names, there are a few that are more common than others. And, when it comes to the most common US names, the name Bailey is pretty high up on the list.

So, where does the last name Bailey rank on the list of most common US names?

The name Bailey is the tenth most common US name. Out of the over 350,000 babies that were born in the US in 2018, over 10,000 of them were given the name Bailey.

While the name Bailey is not as common as some of the other most common US names, it is still a very popular name. And, it is likely that the popularity of the name Bailey will continue to grow in the years to come.

List of People with the Last Name Bailey

Evelyn BaileyFlorence BaileyGladys BaileyJoyce BaileyDorothy BaileyElla BaileyPauline BaileyRuth BaileyWalter BaileyRuby BaileyLawrence BaileyMildred BaileyRay BaileyPeggy BaileyLouis BaileyJuanita BaileyRalph BaileyDanny BaileyLouise BaileyAngela BaileyEdna BaileyFrank BaileyMarilyn BaileyJanice BaileyCindy BaileySamuel BaileyFrederick BaileyJ BaileyJoe BaileyIrene BaileyEugene BaileyJohnny BaileyShirley BaileyJane BaileyLarry BaileyLeroy BaileyJimmy BaileyJacqueline BaileyFred BaileyMarjorie BaileyRobert BaileyBeverly BaileyDennis BaileyLois BaileyHoward BaileyClarence BaileyElaine BaileyPhyllis BaileyHarold BaileyThelma BaileyWilliam BaileyLeslie BaileyVirginia BaileyLillian BaileyBobby BaileyLeonard BaileyCarol BaileyDoris BaileyNorma BaileySandra BaileyClyde BaileySherry BaileyRichard BaileyMelvin BaileyMargaret BaileyDeborah BaileyJulia BaileyGregory BaileyGlenn BaileyStanley BaileyDiane BaileyBarbara BaileyHarry BaileyMarion BaileyAnna BaileyJoan BaileyAnnie BaileyValerie BaileyFrances BaileyBryan BaileyDonald BaileyRose BaileyDarlene BaileyDale BaileyJackie BaileyDonna BaileyAlice BaileyBrenda BaileyDebra BaileyDon BaileyCharles BaileyHazel BaileyEmma BaileyBetty BaileyPaula BaileyTony BaileyMarvin BaileyEthel BaileyAaron BaileyLynn BaileyRoger BaileyDouglas BaileyKathryn BaileyDana BaileyJudith BaileyStephanie BaileyLinda BaileyCatherine BaileyMark BaileyCheryl BaileyCurtis BaileyMarie BaileyRussell BaileyPhilip BaileyJack BaileyTimothy BaileyAmanda BaileyDanielle BaileyCarrie BaileyCraig BaileyMartha BaileyMike BaileyNorman BaileyAudrey BaileyBrittany BaileyEva BaileyDawn BaileyPatricia BaileyAlbert BaileyCarolyn BaileyDarrell BaileyTodd BaileyJanet BaileyRita BaileyClifford BaileySheila BaileyPaul BaileySean BaileyNancy BaileyAllen BaileyVictoria BaileyTeresa BaileyJean BaileyStephen BaileyPhillip BaileySara BaileyJoshua BaileyJudy BaileyBonnie BaileyRonnie BaileyRachel BaileyGrace BaileyDaniel BaileyJeff BaileyCrystal BaileyJordan BaileyEllen BaileyThomas BaileyJerry BaileyCarl BaileyLucille BaileyKathy BaileyMary BaileyGeorge BaileyTheresa BaileyKelly BaileyBruce BaileyKatherine BaileyEdward BaileyEdith BaileyWarren BaileyBilly BaileyTammy BaileyGary BaileyClara BaileyShannon BaileyWayne BaileyRonald BaileyJessica BaileyAnn BaileyRhonda BaileyJoseph BaileyEric BaileyAnita BaileyAnne BaileyWillie BaileyEmily BaileyJulie BaileyBradley BaileyScott BaileyHenry BaileyBill BaileyJeffrey BaileyNicole BaileyBrian BaileyTonya BaileyJonathan BaileyJesse BaileyJessie BaileyAmy BaileyNicholas BaileyJennifer BaileyMonica BaileyPamela BaileyKathleen BaileyJames BaileyAdam BaileyKenneth BaileyJamie BaileyRaymond BaileyLori BaileyMichelle BaileyElizabeth BaileyTracy BaileyDavid BaileyDiana BaileyTroy BaileyCalvin BaileyMaria BaileyCynthia BaileyKeith BaileyJason BaileyKaren BaileyJohn BaileyAndrea BaileyMegan BaileyKyle BaileyZachary BaileyMelissa BaileyTaylor BaileyEddie BaileyLee BaileyLaura BaileyConnie BaileyGloria BaileyAndrew BaileyApril BaileyLloyd BaileyHeather BaileyNathan BaileyFloyd BaileyChristine BaileySamantha BaileySylvia BaileyTyler BaileyGerald BaileyRyan BaileyAlfred BaileyBenjamin BaileyEarl BaileyMatthew BaileyCharlotte BaileyRobin BaileyWendy BaileyLisa BaileyErin BaileyAmber BaileyShawn BaileyErnest BaileyArthur BaileyLauren BaileyKimberly BaileyChris BaileyWanda BaileyRoy BaileyRandy BaileySusan BaileySteven BaileyChristina BaileyPeter BaileyMarcus BaileyChad BaileyPatrick BaileyDenise BaileyRodney BaileyTina BaileyAshley BaileyChristopher BaileyTiffany BaileyRebecca BaileyBrandon BaileyKim BaileyHelen BaileyJeremy BaileyTravis BaileyAnthony BaileyAustin BaileyMichael BaileyKevin BaileyJustin BaileyTerry BaileySteve BaileyJacob BaileyCourtney BaileySarah BaileySharon BaileyCecil BaileyHerbert BaileyAlvin BaileyClaude Bailey