How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Ballard?

There are a lot of people in the United States with the last name Ballard. But how many people are there in the US with the last name Ballard? According to the 2010 Census, there are 8,191 people in the US with the last name Ballard. So there are quite a few people in the US with the last name Ballard!

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Ballard?

The US has a lot of people with the last name Ballard. So which state has the largest population of people with that last name?It turns out that the state with the largest population of people with the last name Ballard is California. In fact, there are over 21,000 people in California with that last name.

So why is California the state with the largest population of people with the last name Ballard? It's probably because the state is so large and has such a diverse population. There are people from all over the world living in California, and that's probably why so many people in the state have the last name Ballard.

If you're curious about which other states have the largest populations of people with the last name Ballard, here's the list:

1. California

2. Texas

3. Illinois

4. Ohio

5. Michigan

6. Pennsylvania

7. New York

8. Georgia

9. North Carolina

10. Florida

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Ballard?

There are many uncommon names with the last name Ballard. Some of these names are very rare and unique. Here are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Ballard.1. Amber Ballard

Amber is a very uncommon name. It is a variation of the color amber. It is also a unisex name.

2. Arin Ballard

Arin is a rare name and is mostly used in Ireland. It is a variant of the name Erin.

3. Asa Ballard

Asa is a biblical name that is not common today. It means healer.

4. Averi Ballard

Averi is a modern name that is not often used. It is a variation of the name Avery.

5. Bowie Ballard

Bowie is an unusual name that is inspired by the musician David Bowie.

6. Chase Ballard

Chase is a common name, but it is unusual for a last name.

7. Daley Ballard

Daley is a Gaelic name that is not often used in the United States.

8. Elle Ballard

Elle is a French name that is not common in the United States. It means she.

9. Harper Ballard

Harper is an English name that is not often used. It means one who plays the harp.

10. Jett Ballard

Jett is a modern name that is not often used. It is a variation of the name Jet.

List of People with the Last Name Ballard

Jeffrey BallardJennifer BallardDorothy BallardRobert BallardMary BallardCarol BallardLinda BallardRichard BallardMark BallardDonald BallardSteve BallardJames BallardRebecca BallardDeborah BallardJason BallardSusan BallardLisa BallardCarolyn BallardSharon BallardGary BallardThomas BallardSandra BallardDonna BallardBetty BallardPatricia BallardKaren BallardPaul BallardMichael BallardMargaret BallardJoe BallardDavid BallardCynthia BallardCharles BallardAmy BallardSarah BallardAngela BallardJoseph BallardJerry BallardMichelle BallardBarbara BallardJohn BallardKimberly BallardStephanie BallardAmanda BallardMelissa BallardR BallardA BallardC BallardJessica BallardJ BallardMatthew BallardBrenda BallardSteven BallardWilliam BallardLarry BallardElizabeth BallardGeorge BallardRonald BallardKenneth BallardBrian BallardDaniel BallardChristopher BallardChris BallardBill BallardNancy BallardEdward BallardAnthony BallardMike BallardTimothy BallardWillie BallardShirley BallardDebra BallardKathy BallardJeff BallardKim BallardRuth BallardKevin BallardHelen BallardLaura BallardLawrence BallardPamela BallardScott BallardJoyce BallardTammy BallardAnn BallardAshley BallardHeather BallardDebbie BallardDiane BallardTerry BallardRaymond BallardJanet BallardJack BallardDon BallardKathleen BallardKelly BallardJoshua BallardJulie BallardChristine BallardGregory BallardKatherine BallardAnna BallardVirginia BallardTeresa BallardBilly BallardFrances BallardTracy BallardJean BallardCatherine BallardStephen BallardMartha BallardChristina BallardHarold BallardJeffery BallardJudy BallardRachel BallardFrank BallardWalter BallardCindy BallardNicole BallardDouglas BallardSamuel BallardBrandon BallardBobby BallardLee BallardFred BallardTina BallardTheresa BallardRobin BallardJamie BallardJanice BallardTiffany BallardShannon BallardCarl BallardWayne BallardRay BallardHenry BallardWanda BallardBeverly BallardRhonda BallardEric BallardMildred BallardMarie BallardDenise BallardConnie BallardJackie BallardAndrew BallardSue BallardLeslie BallardDiana BallardCheryl BallardAlice BallardJustin BallardKeith BallardJonathan BallardRose BallardLori BallardRyan BallardEmily BallardJacqueline BallardGerald BallardArthur BallardCrystal BallardRoger BallardPeggy BallardBruce BallardDan BallardDoris BallardPatrick BallardAmber BallardGloria BallardRoy BallardSherry BallardKathryn BallardRandy BallardPaula BallardAnnie BallardSara BallardHarry BallardVictoria BallardWendy BallardDennis BallardJeremy BallardEvelyn BallardEddie BallardJimmy BallardClarence BallardSamantha BallardDanielle BallardBrittany BallardDawn BallardRuby BallardAndrea BallardJesse BallardJessie BallardAaron BallardTony BallardJane BallardEarl BallardLynn BallardJudith BallardErnest BallardSheila BallardBenjamin BallardRussell BallardLouise BallardJoan BallardTerri BallardCarrie BallardApril BallardLois BallardBonnie BallardRandall BallardJacob BallardDanny BallardRodney BallardAlbert BallardRenee BallardMarvin BallardTravis BallardPhillip BallardCurtis BallardShawn BallardEugene BallardTonya BallardCharlotte BallardMarilyn BallardJohnny BallardJulia BallardNicholas BallardPauline BallardAnita BallardKyle BallardRicky BallardTaylor BallardMegan BallardLauren BallardAllen BallardRalph BallardRita BallardNathan BallardEdna BallardBryan BallardTommy BallardHerbert BallardLillian BallardJay BallardHoward BallardDale BallardCourtney BallardAdam BallardMarion BallardBradley BallardGladys BallardHazel BallardPhyllis BallardGlenn BallardEmma BallardElaine BallardDerrick BallardGail BallardGrace BallardEdith BallardChad BallardGene BallardReginald BallardJohnnie BallardZachary BallardNorma BallardEllen BallardRonnie BallardJordan BallardEva BallardCraig BallardTodd BallardMelvin BallardWesley BallardLouis BallardClara BallardEthel BallardIrene BallardTroy BallardCody BallardClyde BallardLeonard BallardSean BallardLucille BallardTyler BallardDarrell BallardLewis BallardAustin BallardThelma BallardNorman BallardLeroy BallardLloyd BallardFlorence BallardFloyd BallardClifford BallardClaude BallardDustin Ballard