How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Barber?

There are an estimated 7,606 people living in the US with the last name Barber, according to the 2016 Census Bureau. This makes Barber the 8,791st most common last name in the country.So, just how common is the Barber surname? Well, it ranks as the 3,746th most common last name in England and Wales, and the 8,454th most common last name in Scotland. It is also fairly common in Australia, where it ranks as the 1,749th most common last name.

Interestingly, the Barber surname is much more common in the US than it is in other English-speaking countries. This is likely due to the waves of immigration from Europe to the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of these immigrants carried the Barber surname with them to America.

If you are interested in tracing your Barber ancestry, there are a few resources you can use. The Barber Surname Origin project is a good place to start. This project is a volunteer-run website that collects information about the origins of the Barber surname. You can also check out the Barber surname page on This page contains information about hundreds of Barber families from around the world.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Barber?

There are 56 counties in the US with the last name Barber. Out of those, Los Angeles County in California has the largest population of people with the last name Barber. With over 1,100 people sharing the Barber name, it's no surprise that this county is home to the largest Barber population in the country.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Barber?

If you're looking for an uncommon name with the last name Barber, you've come to the right place. Here are some of the most unique names paired with this last name.1. Archer Barber

2. Art Barber

3. Brewer Barber

4. Channing Barber

5. Colby Barber

6. Creed Barber

7. Dax Barber

8. Easton Barber

9. Finn Barber

10. Harper Barber

List of People with the Last Name Barber

Linda BarberAnthony BarberEdward BarberAnn BarberKathleen BarberTeresa BarberJack BarberShirley BarberCatherine BarberJerry BarberStephanie BarberMichelle BarberMary BarberSharon BarberCarolyn BarberDebra BarberJeffrey BarberSusan BarberRuth BarberChristine BarberCheryl BarberJeff BarberSandra BarberJohn BarberBarbara BarberRichard BarberJ BarberDonna BarberWilliam BarberDavid BarberRobert BarberKaren BarberCarol BarberScott BarberDonald BarberKelly BarberBetty BarberMichael BarberDeborah BarberWillie BarberLaura BarberAshley BarberCynthia BarberJennifer BarberPaul BarberMargaret BarberMike BarberSarah BarberNancy BarberKim BarberSteven BarberStephen BarberTimothy BarberDorothy BarberRaymond BarberBrenda BarberJoe BarberRebecca BarberDebbie BarberR BarberTerry BarberKenneth BarberBrian BarberJoseph BarberLarry BarberPamela BarberAngela BarberGary BarberKatherine BarberChris BarberGeorge BarberRonald BarberDiane BarberKevin BarberAmanda BarberChristopher BarberHarold BarberFrank BarberThomas BarberJames BarberMatthew BarberMark BarberAmy BarberLisa BarberSteve BarberCharles BarberDaniel BarberPatricia BarberHelen BarberElizabeth BarberKimberly BarberMelissa BarberJessica BarberJason BarberTammy BarberAndrew BarberJulie BarberKathy BarberVirginia BarberCindy BarberHeather BarberJanet BarberAnna BarberLawrence BarberTim BarberEric BarberJoshua BarberChristina BarberFrances BarberTina BarberJacqueline BarberJean BarberJoyce BarberNicole BarberGregory BarberTracy BarberBrandon BarberJudy BarberWayne BarberDennis BarberRobin BarberDenise BarberBilly BarberDouglas BarberJonathan BarberLori BarberMartha BarberAlice BarberHenry BarberRay BarberMarie BarberKathryn BarberJane BarberTiffany BarberRachel BarberJudith BarberJustin BarberJackie BarberWalter BarberKeith BarberDoris BarberShannon BarberJanice BarberTheresa BarberFred BarberEmily BarberArthur BarberRyan BarberGloria BarberHarry BarberJamie BarberRussell BarberCrystal BarberRoy BarberEvelyn BarberCarl BarberAlbert BarberRandy BarberBrittany BarberBonnie BarberSamuel BarberNicholas BarberAndrea BarberConnie BarberBeverly BarberJoan BarberMildred BarberBruce BarberMegan BarberErnest BarberRhonda BarberRose BarberDiana BarberMichele BarberJesse BarberMaria BarberLouis BarberJeremy BarberDawn BarberPatrick BarberVictoria BarberLeslie BarberGerald BarberAnne BarberSheila BarberPhilip BarberPhillip BarberPeggy BarberPhyllis BarberSara BarberBobby BarberJoann BarberRoger BarberClarence BarberRalph BarberBenjamin BarberEarl BarberCarrie BarberEugene BarberLouise BarberCurtis BarberLee BarberMarilyn BarberAmber BarberApril BarberAnnie BarberLauren BarberValerie BarberJimmy BarberSamantha BarberJacob BarberPeter BarberSherry BarberJulia BarberJohnny BarberFlorence BarberElaine BarberAnita BarberLynn BarberWanda BarberJessie BarberDanielle BarberShawn BarberMarion BarberRuby BarberAlan BarberGrace BarberTony BarberPaula BarberEllen BarberAaron BarberLeonard BarberHoward BarberGladys BarberGlenn BarberCharlotte BarberStacey BarberGail BarberRodney BarberCharlie BarberDarlene BarberLois BarberSuzanne BarberAdam BarberMarcus BarberCalvin BarberAllen BarberDale BarberLillian BarberEmma BarberIrene BarberRita BarberDana BarberFrederick BarberNathan BarberEdna BarberAnnette BarberRicky BarberChad BarberNorma BarberFrancis BarberCourtney BarberKyle BarberBryan BarberMarjorie BarberEdith BarberEdwin BarberBradley BarberMarvin BarberEva BarberHerbert BarberJay BarberLewis BarberMelvin BarberSean BarberCraig BarberEleanor BarberRandall BarberLorraine BarberNorman BarberHazel BarberDarrell BarberTodd BarberLeon BarberClara BarberEddie BarberLloyd BarberThelma BarberEthel BarberFloyd BarberZachary BarberTyler BarberClifford BarberLeroy BarberTravis BarberAlfred BarberBessie BarberBertha BarberAustin BarberEsther Barber