Historical Information About The Last Name Barton

The surname Barton is derived from the Old English word “burh” meaning “fortified town” and the Old Norse word “tun” meaning “enclosure, farmstead, estate”. The Barton surname was first found in Lancashire, where they held a family seat from ancient times.The Barton surname is also found in many other parts of England. One of the earliest recorded bearers of the Barton surname was Adam de Barton who was documented in the 1273 Hundred Rolls of Oxfordshire. Other early Barton bearers include Robert de Barton who was documented in the 1327 Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire and John Barton who was documented in the 1379 Poll Tax Returns of Yorkshire.

Over the centuries, the Barton surname has been associated with many notable families. For example, the Barton family was closely related to the Earls of Derby. In fact, the Barton family motto was “ Nec temere nec timide” which means “Not rashly or timidly”.

The Barton surname has also been associated with many famous people. For example, the 18th century British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger was a member of the Barton family. The American President Andrew Jackson was also related to the Barton family.

The Barton surname is a very old and distinguished surname. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Barton surname, please visit the following website:


The Popularity Of Barton As The Last Name

It is interesting to note the popularity of the last name Barton. According to the 2010 Census, Barton was the 9,854th most popular name in the United States. While this may not seem like a particularly high ranking, it is interesting to consider that there are over 150,000 last names in the United States. This means that Barton is more popular than over 60% of all last names in the United States.One possible explanation for the popularity of the name Barton is its historical significance. The name Barton is derived from the Old English word "Bardun," which means "fortress." This may explain why the name is so popular in regions of the country that were settled by English colonists in the early days of the United States.

Another possible explanation for the popularity of the name Barton is its sound. The name is easy to say and has a pleasant sound. This may be why the name is so popular among parents who are looking for a name that their child will be proud of and that will be easy for others to pronounce.

Whatever the reason for the popularity of the name Barton, it is clear that this name is here to stay. If you are looking for a unique name that is both historic and easy to say, then Barton may be the perfect name for your child.

Naming Ideas With Barton As The Last Name

If you are looking for a unique name for your baby, you may want to consider a name that ends with Barton. There are many great options to choose from, and your child will stand out from the crowd with this unique name. Here are a few examples of names that end with Barton:1. Barrett: This name has a strong and masculine feel to it. It is perfect for a baby boy.

2. Hartley: This name is sweet and gentle, perfect for a little girl.

3. Arrington: This name has a modern feel and is perfect for a stylish baby.

4. Kingston: This name has a regal feel and would be perfect for a child who is proud of their heritage.

5. Maddox: This name is edgy and cool, perfect for a modern child.

6. Knox: This name is strong and suitible for a baby who is destined to be a leader.

7. Sawyer: This name is adorable and perfect for a little boy who loves the outdoors.

8. Harper: This name is chic and elegant, perfect for a fashionable child.

9. Emery: This name is sweet and modern, perfect for a child who is both trendy and timeless.

10. Harrison: This name is classic and dignified, perfect for a child who is destined for greatness.

List of People with the Last Name Barton

Elizabeth BartonGary BartonWilliam BartonJ BartonW BartonBruce BartonHelen BartonAnn BartonDavid BartonPaul BartonMargaret BartonFrank BartonRuth BartonMary BartonLinda BartonBrian BartonCharles BartonScott BartonMichael BartonBetty BartonJoe BartonGeorge BartonMike BartonSarah BartonBarbara BartonRonald BartonDorothy BartonSharon BartonThomas BartonKenneth BartonJames BartonNancy BartonJessica BartonPatricia BartonJohn BartonJennifer BartonBrenda BartonPamela BartonSusan BartonLaura BartonAmanda BartonKatherine BartonLisa BartonKaren BartonAndrew BartonDeborah BartonDonna BartonDonald BartonChristopher BartonKimberly BartonDaniel BartonMichelle BartonT BartonAnna BartonTimothy BartonJerry BartonJoseph BartonChris BartonLarry BartonStephen BartonMatthew BartonEdward BartonM BartonRobert BartonBill BartonAngela BartonRichard BartonA BartonKelly BartonCarol BartonSteve BartonJeff BartonDebra BartonSteven BartonRebecca BartonSandra BartonJeffrey BartonMark BartonAnthony BartonHeather BartonStephanie BartonJason BartonMelissa BartonAshley BartonAmy BartonCynthia BartonTammy BartonKim BartonShirley BartonKevin BartonCatherine BartonJack BartonDiane BartonKathy BartonRaymond BartonJoshua BartonKathleen BartonTeresa BartonChristine BartonVirginia BartonDebbie BartonJulie BartonDouglas BartonDon BartonTerry BartonJanet BartonCheryl BartonHarold BartonCarolyn BartonJean BartonCindy BartonLawrence BartonTim BartonMarie BartonJudy BartonJoan BartonNicole BartonChristina BartonLori BartonFrances BartonKeith BartonJane BartonBilly BartonWalter BartonGregory BartonMartha BartonDennis BartonFred BartonHarry BartonDoris BartonTheresa BartonTina BartonJamie BartonJanice BartonMaria BartonDenise BartonAlice BartonHenry BartonSue BartonCarl BartonEric BartonTracy BartonJudith BartonLeslie BartonJoyce BartonKathryn BartonJustin BartonRose BartonEmily BartonSara BartonRachel BartonRandy BartonRoy BartonAnne BartonJonathan BartonAndrea BartonAmber BartonJacqueline BartonShannon BartonBonnie BartonJackie BartonBeverly BartonPatrick BartonDiana BartonRhonda BartonWayne BartonVictoria BartonJulia BartonMarilyn BartonBobby BartonLee BartonRobin BartonGerald BartonConnie BartonJesse BartonSheila BartonRussell BartonSherry BartonCrystal BartonDawn BartonArthur BartonBrad BartonTyler BartonCraig BartonJeremy BartonHoward BartonCarrie BartonLouise BartonRalph BartonPeter BartonSamantha BartonPaula BartonBrandon BartonRay BartonAaron BartonTiffany BartonRyan BartonMildred BartonPeggy BartonJacob BartonWendy BartonNicholas BartonAdam BartonBenjamin BartonLynn BartonKatie BartonSamuel BartonClarence BartonEarl BartonGail BartonDana BartonAlan BartonRoger BartonEvelyn BartonElaine BartonWanda BartonLois BartonWillie BartonBrittany BartonKyle BartonTodd BartonMegan BartonBryan BartonEdith BartonGlenn BartonErnest BartonJessie BartonFrancis BartonGloria BartonJimmy BartonPhillip BartonTaylor BartonNorma BartonMarion BartonBradley BartonShawn BartonPhyllis BartonFlorence BartonLauren BartonAlbert BartonJay BartonDale BartonRuby BartonGrace BartonTravis BartonLillian BartonZachary BartonJohnny BartonAllen BartonJoanne BartonCharlotte BartonClara BartonTony BartonMarjorie BartonDanny BartonFrederick BartonRandall BartonCourtney BartonAnnie BartonEllen BartonEmma BartonDanielle BartonHazel BartonThelma BartonBrent BartonIrene BartonBernard BartonBarry BartonMarvin BartonEugene BartonEdna BartonChad BartonSylvia BartonRita BartonStanley BartonLouis BartonJuanita BartonRicky BartonEleanor BartonBrett BartonSean BartonAudrey BartonWesley BartonGladys BartonNathan BartonEva BartonLewis BartonRodney BartonCody BartonLeroy BartonJordan BartonDustin BartonClyde BartonClifford BartonFloyd BartonAlexander BartonLloyd BartonNorman BartonCurtis BartonEdwin Barton