What Is The History Of The Last Name Bassett?

The Bassett family name can be traced back to the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is derived from the Old French word "basse" meaning "low." The name Bassett was first introduced into England by the Normans and was first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086. It was particularly popular in the counties of Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire.The Bassett family has a long and distinguished history. Over the centuries, they have produced many notable figures, including Sir John Bassett, who served as Lord Mayor of London in 1553, and Sir Henry Bassett, who was Lord Mayor of London in 1619.

The Bassett coat of arms features a red chief (upper third) with a gold lion rampant (standing on one hind leg with its front paws raised). The crest is a gold griffin's head erased (cut off). The motto, "Nee Hinc, Nee inde" (Neither from here nor there), is a pun on the family name.

The Bassett family is a proud and noble one, and it has played a significant role in British history. If you are interested in learning more about the Bassetts, or are looking for information on how to trace your family tree, the Bassett Family History Association website is a good place to start.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Bassett?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Bassett. Some of the most notable include Francis Bassett, an American politician who served as the United States Ambassador to Romania; and Edmund de la Basset, 12th century Bishop of Bath and Wells.The Bassett name has also been associated with a number of notable athletes over the years. Two of the most famous are Darrell Bassett, a former American football player, and Warwick Bassett, a former Welsh rugby player.

So, if you're looking for some inspiration for your next baby name, why not consider Bassett? It's a name that has a rich history and is associated with some very talented and successful people.

Where Does The Last Name Bassett Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are many common last names in the United States, but which one is the most common? According to the Social Security Administration, the most common last name in the US is Smith. The name Bassett ranks at #197 on the list. If you are looking for a unique last name, Bassett may not be the best option, but it is still more common than many other names. If you are interested in finding out where your last name ranks on the list, you can visit the Social Security Administration website.

List of People with the Last Name Bassett

Mary BassettJohn BassettJ BassettRichard BassettCharles BassettRobert BassettJames BassettWilliam BassettMichael BassettDavid BassettC BassettD BassettM BassettPatricia BassettElizabeth BassettJennifer BassettThomas BassettLinda BassettBarbara BassettGeorge BassettDonald BassettK BassettSusan BassettJoseph BassettLisa BassettMichelle BassettKenneth BassettChristopher BassettChris BassettHelen BassettSteven BassettNancy BassettSarah BassettMark BassettEdward BassettSandra BassettDorothy BassettCarol BassettDeborah BassettPaul BassettMargaret BassettRonald BassettKaren BassettKimberly BassettAngela BassettDonna BassettSteve BassettDiane BassettBrian BassettJeffrey BassettJessica BassettAmy BassettScott BassettSharon BassettRebecca BassettMelissa BassettChristine BassettTimothy BassettDaniel BassettLarry BassettBetty BassettHeather BassettLaura BassettStephen BassettRuth BassettDebra BassettLawrence BassettCynthia BassettMatthew BassettAndrew BassettFrank BassettCatherine BassettPamela BassettStephanie BassettKim BassettJeff BassettJulie BassettGary BassettJason BassettKathleen BassettAnn BassettAshley BassettKelly BassettAnna BassettDouglas BassettArthur BassettAmanda BassettHarold BassettMarie BassettKevin BassettJanet BassettKatherine BassettBrenda BassettShirley BassettLori BassettJoe BassettCarolyn BassettJoyce BassettTerry BassettGregory BassettJack BassettFrances BassettNicole BassettRalph BassettDenise BassettCheryl BassettJudith BassettJoshua BassettJean BassettEric BassettMartha BassettJonathan BassettKeith BassettEarl BassettVirginia BassettAlice BassettBeverly BassettRyan BassettKathryn BassettAnthony BassettJoan BassettDoris BassettRaymond BassettPatrick BassettWalter BassettTammy BassettHenry BassettSara BassettBonnie BassettHarry BassettChristina BassettDanielle BassettDennis BassettJudy BassettGerald BassettJerry BassettBrandon BassettVictoria BassettEmily BassettRachel BassettTheresa BassettLynn BassettRoger BassettBenjamin BassettHoward BassettJanice BassettKathy BassettTracy BassettRobin BassettPeter BassettJustin BassettPhyllis BassettJamie BassettJane BassettJulia BassettDawn BassettFred BassettLeslie BassettJacqueline BassettSamuel BassettAmber BassettTeresa BassettLouise BassettTina BassettMichele BassettRoy BassettAlbert BassettBruce BassettGloria BassettCraig BassettRussell BassettAndrea BassettLee BassettJoanne BassettRandy BassettMaria BassettMarion BassettMarilyn BassettEvelyn BassettAnne BassettPhilip BassettLouis BassettNicholas BassettSheila BassettWendy BassettBrittany BassettSuzanne BassettGladys BassettTyler BassettJon BassettJacob BassettBryan BassettFlorence BassettMelanie BassettJeremy BassettEugene BassettFrancis BassettNathan BassettRhonda BassettFrederick BassettTiffany BassettWillie BassettRose BassettAlex BassettWayne BassettLillian BassettMegan BassettPaula BassettEmma BassettNorman BassettApril BassettGlen BassettRandall BassettGrace BassettClarence BassettRay BassettGallagher BassettCrystal BassettRita BassettGail BassettMildred BassettCarrie BassettEdith BassettIrene BassettLorraine BassettGlenn BassettTodd BassettMarjorie BassettDana BassettEleanor BassettJesse BassettCharlotte BassettShannon BassettLaurie BassettJay BassettHannah BassettErin BassettJill BassettJeanne BassettLois BassettRegina BassettSally BassettClara BassettAlan BassettSamantha BassettDarlene BassettClifford BassettValerie BassettLauren BassettAaron BassettMartin BassettPeggy BassettShawn BassettDean BassettKyle BassettEllen BassettAlicia BassettHolly BassettStanley BassettEdna BassettAllen BassettErnest BassettChad BassettEsther BassettGene BassettVera BassettFloyd BassettJosephine BassettNorma BassettBradley BassettAdam BassettConstance BassettWilma BassettEva BassettLeonard BassettPearl BassettDarrell BassettAlfred BassettRuby BassettHazel BassettJune BassettBernice BassettEdwin BassettAlexander BassettGeraldine BassettWesley BassettCody BassettBrett BassettSean BassettTaylor BassettHerbert BassettMabel BassettZachary BassettAgnes BassettGertrude BassettCarl BassettDerek BassettWarren BassettRoland BassettZahara Bassett