How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Becerra?

There are an estimated 7,000 people in the United States with the last name Becerra, making it the 1,711th most common name in the country. Of these, about 5,600 reside in California, where José Becerra is the most populous. Becerra is also the most common name in the city of Los Angeles, where it is shared by more than 1,000 residents.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Becerra?

There are many families in the United States with interesting last names. One such name is Becerra. According to the 2010 US Census, the state of California has the largest population of people with the last name Becerra. There are over 9,000 people in the state with that last name. Texas is in second place, with just over 7,000 people with the last name Becerra.There are many different theories about the origin of the name Becerra. One theory is that the name is derived from the Latin word bacer, meaning "to butcher." Another theory is that the name is derived from the Spanish word bajerra, meaning "lowlands." It is also possible that the name is a combination of the two words.

Whatever the origin of the name, there is no doubt that it is unique. If you are looking for a unique last name, Becerra may be a good option.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Becerra?

There are many people in the world who have the last name Becerra. But how many of them have an uncommon name? According to Nameberry, the following are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Becerra:1. Ailani

2. Aisling

3. Artemisa

4. Daphne

5. India

6. Juniper

7. Kaelyn

8. Lillith

9. Maddie

10. Rowan

Each of these names is unique and special in its own way. If you are looking for an uncommon name for your child, one of these names might be a good option.

Of course, there are many other names that could be added to this list. Do your own research to find the perfect name for your child. With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect name.

List of People with the Last Name Becerra

Guadalupe BecerraMartha BecerraMaria BecerraJesus BecerraManuel BecerraFrancisco BecerraAntonio BecerraClaudia BecerraCarlos BecerraAna BecerraMiguel BecerraJose BecerraJorge BecerraLuis BecerraRosa BecerraDaniel BecerraJuan BecerraVictor BecerraDavid BecerraRoberto BecerraMartin BecerraPedro BecerraElizabeth BecerraRicardo BecerraAlejandro BecerraSergio BecerraJavier BecerraSandra BecerraLaura BecerraRafael BecerraRamon BecerraFernando BecerraOscar BecerraVeronica BecerraHector BecerraCarmen BecerraMario BecerraRuben BecerraSalvador BecerraJ BecerraRobert BecerraM BecerraGloria BecerraPatricia BecerraTeresa BecerraRaul BecerraJaime BecerraEduardo BecerraNorma BecerraMary BecerraArmando BecerraEnrique BecerraJuana BecerraArturo BecerraAlicia BecerraGabriel BecerraBlanca BecerraAlfredo BecerraCesar BecerraMichael BecerraJoe BecerraAdriana BecerraDiana BecerraGerardo BecerraYolanda BecerraJessica BecerraMonica BecerraAngelica BecerraA BecerraLeticia BecerraAlberto BecerraRichard BecerraAngel BecerraAndres BecerraJohn BecerraJoseph BecerraAlfonso BecerraAnna BecerraBrenda BecerraLuz BecerraFelipe BecerraMargarita BecerraGustavo BecerraRodolfo BecerraFrank BecerraChristina BecerraEdgar BecerraSilvia BecerraIrma BecerraAlejandra BecerraAlma BecerraCynthia BecerraErnesto BecerraIsabel BecerraJulio BecerraJennifer BecerraNancy BecerraGabriela BecerraPablo BecerraMaricela BecerraErika BecerraAngela BecerraAnthony BecerraMichelle BecerraMarco BecerraAlex BecerraMelissa BecerraHumberto BecerraAndrea BecerraGuillermo BecerraVanessa BecerraOlga BecerraStephanie BecerraMayra BecerraJonathan BecerraVictoria BecerraIgnacio BecerraRamiro BecerraSylvia BecerraSusana BecerraGeorge BecerraSonia BecerraSamuel BecerraHugo BecerraAdrian BecerraEsther BecerraIsmael BecerraLorena BecerraGilberto BecerraCecilia BecerraBertha BecerraGraciela BecerraLupe BecerraJacqueline BecerraRoman BecerraJesse BecerraRogelio BecerraBeatriz BecerraLouis BecerraE BecerraCristina BecerraDolores BecerraNicolas BecerraJoel BecerraLinda BecerraIrene BecerraLucia BecerraLisa BecerraKarina BecerraMaribel BecerraAntonia BecerraPaul BecerraChristian BecerraAraceli BecerraSara BecerraEfrain BecerraChristopher BecerraAbel BecerraErica BecerraEva BecerraOmar BecerraBenjamin BecerraDiego BecerraEsperanza BecerraVirginia BecerraCarolina BecerraIsrael BecerraJulia BecerraLeonardo BecerraVicente BecerraCindy BecerraAndrew BecerraRachel BecerraRigoberto BecerraRosario BecerraRose BecerraFrancisca BecerraRaquel BecerraEric BecerraAmanda BecerraJosefina BecerraMiriam BecerraRebecca BecerraOlivia BecerraRocio BecerraJoaquin BecerraLourdes BecerraLilia BecerraKarla BecerraAurora BecerraEdward BecerraAgustin BecerraSocorro BecerraLiliana BecerraSantiago BecerraKimberly BecerraEsmeralda BecerraHilda BecerraGilbert BecerraElisa BecerraKaren BecerraAlvaro BecerraYesenia BecerraGonzalo BecerraRene BecerraConsuelo BecerraRodrigo BecerraJulian BecerraAngelina BecerraSteven BecerraAshley BecerraHenry BecerraOfelia BecerraRudy BecerraMarcos BecerraMoises BecerraBarbara BecerraJuanita BecerraMercedes BecerraArthur BecerraIvan BecerraTomas BecerraPaula BecerraElena BecerraFelix BecerraDora BecerraSaul BecerraMarisela BecerraDenise BecerraDelia BecerraMauricio BecerraAlexander BecerraCrystal BecerraAnita BecerraElvira BecerraRaymond BecerraAlbert BecerraGregorio BecerraCruz BecerraThomas BecerraRay BecerraWilliam BecerraAlexis BecerraMagdalena BecerraFabiola BecerraEvangelina BecerraBrian BecerraAdolfo BecerraNatalie BecerraJames BecerraSantos BecerraGriselda BecerraFidel BecerraLidia BecerraJanet BecerraNora BecerraRolando BecerraWendy BecerraFederico BecerraMarina BecerraSamantha BecerraElias BecerraCelia BecerraElsa BecerraLorenzo BecerraBernardo BecerraMarisol BecerraNicole BecerraGeorgina BecerraRaymundo BecerraJoshua BecerraJudith BecerraCatalina BecerraLeslie BecerraNoe BecerraGerman BecerraDomingo BecerraSofia BecerraCristian BecerraRefugio BecerraLeopoldo BecerraErik BecerraIsidro BecerraRamona BecerraAdan BecerraDaisy BecerraEfren BecerraImelda BecerraAbraham BecerraAaron BecerraAmalia BecerraMarcelo BecerraArnulfo BecerraYadira BecerraEdith BecerraAurelio BecerraOsvaldo BecerraSoledad BecerraEmmanuel BecerraAmado Becerra