How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Belcher?

Belcher is not a common last name in the United States. In fact, according to recent estimates, there are only around 800 people nationwide who have it. So what is the story behind this unique name?Belcher is a name of English origin. It is derived from the Old French word belcier, meaning "raven". The name was originally given to someone who kept ravens, which were used for hunting in medieval times.

Belcher is not a very common name today, but it does appear occasionally in the United States. There are a few notable Belchers in history, including the American General Electric executive, Lawrence Belcher, and the American actress, Melissa Belcher.

If you are looking for someone with the last name of Belcher, you may have to do a little digging. But if you are lucky enough to know someone with this unique name, be sure to ask them about their history!

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Belcher?

Last name Belcher is not particularly common, but there are still a good number of people who have it. So which state in the US has the largest population with the last name Belcher?As it turns out, the answer is Louisiana. According to the 2000 US Census, there were 5,876 people in the US with the last name Belcher. 2,361 of them lived in Louisiana.

There were also quite a few Belchers in Texas (1,378), Mississippi (906), and Missouri (898).

So if you're ever in Louisiana and you meet someone with the last name Belcher, you now know that you're in good company!

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Belcher?

With nearly 330 million people living in the United States, it's no surprise that some last names are more common than others. But what about the last names that are a little more uncommon?Belcher is one of those last names. In fact, it ranks as the 3,748th most common name in the United States. That means that out of the nearly 330 million people living in the US, only about 10,000 people have the last name Belcher.

So what are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Belcher? Here are a few examples:

1. Ignatius

2. Quill

3. India

4. Caspian

5. Phoenix

6. Harper

7. Tesla

8. Reign

9. Jagger

10. Maverick

Do you have a last name that's a little more uncommon than Belcher? If so, tell us about it in the comments section below.

List of People with the Last Name Belcher

Mary BelcherWilliam BelcherRobert BelcherCharles BelcherC BelcherThomas BelcherRichard BelcherJames BelcherElizabeth BelcherMichael BelcherR BelcherD BelcherDavid BelcherJohn BelcherJennifer BelcherJ BelcherLinda BelcherDonald BelcherPatricia BelcherBarbara BelcherS BelcherKimberly BelcherLisa BelcherJoseph BelcherSteven BelcherDonna BelcherGeorge BelcherChristopher BelcherDeborah BelcherChris BelcherRonald BelcherAngela BelcherDaniel BelcherSusan BelcherBetty BelcherPaul BelcherKenneth BelcherMargaret BelcherSharon BelcherMelissa BelcherMichelle BelcherLarry BelcherAmanda BelcherJessica BelcherSandra BelcherTimothy BelcherKaren BelcherBrian BelcherBrenda BelcherGary BelcherCarol BelcherJason BelcherDorothy BelcherMatthew BelcherStephanie BelcherSarah BelcherMark BelcherTeresa BelcherJerry BelcherPamela BelcherDebra BelcherHelen BelcherShirley BelcherJeffrey BelcherSteve BelcherNancy BelcherKim BelcherKevin BelcherKathy BelcherCynthia BelcherRaymond BelcherTammy BelcherRuth BelcherEdward BelcherRebecca BelcherBobby BelcherAnthony BelcherAshley BelcherTerry BelcherJoe BelcherCarolyn BelcherCheryl BelcherDebbie BelcherAmy BelcherJoshua BelcherGregory BelcherBilly BelcherFrank BelcherLawrence BelcherBill BelcherJack BelcherHarold BelcherStephen BelcherJeff BelcherChristine BelcherLaura BelcherDiane BelcherJanet BelcherHeather BelcherMartha BelcherWillie BelcherKathleen BelcherJohnny BelcherVirginia BelcherKelly BelcherJoyce BelcherDon BelcherNicole BelcherScott BelcherAnn BelcherAndrew BelcherTina BelcherJanice BelcherKatherine BelcherGreg BelcherBrandon BelcherRoy BelcherDoris BelcherCrystal BelcherSherry BelcherJeffery BelcherJulie BelcherTiffany BelcherDanny BelcherJimmy BelcherCindy BelcherTracy BelcherAnna BelcherRandy BelcherDennis BelcherWalter BelcherCatherine BelcherVictoria BelcherJustin BelcherEric BelcherChristina BelcherBeverly BelcherJonathan BelcherMarie BelcherCarl BelcherFrances BelcherJudy BelcherSamuel BelcherAlice BelcherDenise BelcherRay BelcherPhillip BelcherSheila BelcherRobin BelcherFred BelcherConnie BelcherDiana BelcherDouglas BelcherBrittany BelcherJesse BelcherEarl BelcherWanda BelcherRachel BelcherJean BelcherSue BelcherPeggy BelcherLori BelcherShannon BelcherRyan BelcherHenry BelcherJamie BelcherTom BelcherJudith BelcherAmber BelcherKeith BelcherLee BelcherEvelyn BelcherGloria BelcherJackie BelcherRhonda BelcherRuby BelcherLeslie BelcherCourtney BelcherAndrea BelcherAaron BelcherBonnie BelcherRoger BelcherEmily BelcherClarence BelcherCarrie BelcherBenjamin BelcherLouise BelcherPhyllis BelcherSamantha BelcherEddie BelcherHoward BelcherAlan BelcherGerald BelcherJacqueline BelcherTheresa BelcherJacob BelcherAllen BelcherAnnie BelcherMaria BelcherJulia BelcherVicki BelcherTony BelcherTommy BelcherKathryn BelcherMildred BelcherBernice BelcherRose BelcherDawn BelcherSam BelcherZachary BelcherWendy BelcherWayne BelcherPhilip BelcherRicky BelcherJane BelcherJessie BelcherApril BelcherCharlie BelcherErnest BelcherPaula BelcherLauren BelcherRalph BelcherRonnie BelcherMarilyn BelcherMegan BelcherAlbert BelcherArthur BelcherRodney BelcherJeremy BelcherDana BelcherJoan BelcherBryan BelcherGladys BelcherDarrell BelcherEugene BelcherLois BelcherLillian BelcherDanielle BelcherRandall BelcherShawn BelcherRussell BelcherPatrick BelcherRita BelcherMelanie BelcherAnita BelcherAdam BelcherTara BelcherNorma BelcherJohnnie BelcherDale BelcherTravis BelcherIrene BelcherEllen BelcherNicholas BelcherClifford BelcherBruce BelcherCurtis BelcherEva BelcherLillie BelcherMelvin BelcherBradley BelcherBessie BelcherCraig BelcherFloyd BelcherHazel BelcherClyde BelcherHarry BelcherClara BelcherSean BelcherNathan BelcherHannah BelcherTaylor BelcherEthel BelcherFlorence BelcherJuanita BelcherVivian BelcherTroy BelcherKyle BelcherDerek BelcherLewis BelcherMarjorie BelcherKayla BelcherEdith BelcherPearl BelcherHerman BelcherGordon BelcherLloyd BelcherJordan BelcherEmma BelcherTodd BelcherBarry BelcherStanley BelcherChad BelcherThelma BelcherHerbert BelcherAlfred BelcherAustin BelcherCalvin BelcherCody BelcherBertha Belcher