How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Bernal?

How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Bernal?There are approximately 9,000 people in the United States with the last name Bernal. This makes Bernal the 2,858th most common name in the country. While it is not especially common, there are enough people with this name that it is not too hard to find someone with it.

If you are looking for someone with the last name Bernal, you can start by looking online. There are a number of databases that you can search to find people with this name. You can also check with your local phone book or contact your local post office to see if they have any information on people with this name.

If you are looking for more information on the Bernal name, you can check out the Bernal Name website. This website is dedicated to the history and meaning of the Bernal name. It is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about this name.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Bernal?

If you're looking for the largest population of people with the last name Bernal, you'll want to head to California. According to the US Census Bureau, there are over 21,000 people in the state with the last name Bernal. That's more than any other state in the country!So why is there such a large population of Bernals in California? It's likely because the state is home to such a large Hispanic population. Bernal is a common Hispanic last name, and so it's no surprise that there are so many people with that name in California.

What are the odds of meeting a Bernal in California? Pretty good, actually! If you're ever in the Golden State, be sure to say hello to any Bernals you may meet. You'll be in good company.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Bernal?

There are a number of uncommon names with the last name Bernal. Some of the most unique are Alegria, Arturo, and Charisma. While these names may not be as common as traditional names like John or Mary, they still offer a unique and special identity to the person who bears them.If you are looking for a name that is both uncommon and distinguished, one of the options listed above may be perfect for you. Each of these names has a unique history and meaning, and they are sure to set your child apart from the rest. So if you are looking for a name that is truly special, consider one of the options listed above.

List of People with the Last Name Bernal

Mary BernalRobert BernalMaria BernalMartha BernalElizabeth BernalFrancisco BernalRosa BernalJuan BernalAntonio BernalCarlos BernalAna BernalDavid BernalMiguel BernalManuel BernalDaniel BernalJose BernalJorge BernalJesus BernalLuis BernalVictor BernalSandra BernalPatricia BernalM BernalMario BernalRicardo BernalPedro BernalJohn BernalMichael BernalGuadalupe BernalRoberto BernalOscar BernalGloria BernalHector BernalVeronica BernalDiana BernalLaura BernalCarmen BernalJavier BernalJulio BernalRaul BernalJoe BernalA BernalMartin BernalAlejandro BernalJessica BernalClaudia BernalJaime BernalSergio BernalRichard BernalTeresa BernalEduardo BernalRafael BernalArturo BernalFernando BernalRuben BernalEnrique BernalRamon BernalJoseph BernalNorma BernalJennifer BernalAlfredo BernalAlberto BernalArmando BernalMichelle BernalYolanda BernalNancy BernalBlanca BernalGabriel BernalAngel BernalSalvador BernalMonica BernalLuz BernalCynthia BernalAnthony BernalAlicia BernalCesar BernalChristina BernalIgnacio BernalAlex BernalLeticia BernalMargarita BernalFrank BernalIsabel BernalJuana BernalEdgar BernalLinda BernalAnna BernalIrma BernalSylvia BernalGeorge BernalAlma BernalAndres BernalSilvia BernalGerardo BernalMarco BernalAngelica BernalAdriana BernalAngela BernalPablo BernalGuillermo BernalMelissa BernalStephanie BernalEdward BernalJesse BernalChristopher BernalRaymond BernalAndrea BernalSamuel BernalErnesto BernalGabriela BernalFelipe BernalDolores BernalLisa BernalBrenda BernalVanessa BernalGustavo BernalRebecca BernalErika BernalRodolfo BernalVictoria BernalSonia BernalAlfonso BernalEric BernalAdrian BernalJulian BernalIrene BernalAlejandra BernalPaul BernalErica BernalJonathan BernalEva BernalOlga BernalGilbert BernalCristina BernalBeatriz BernalLouis BernalAmanda BernalCecilia BernalRosario BernalJuanita BernalMarie BernalLorena BernalBertha BernalSara BernalGilberto BernalSaul BernalVirginia BernalOmar BernalWilliam BernalRose BernalJulia BernalDiego BernalMark BernalMarcos BernalChristian BernalJames BernalHugo BernalSusan BernalDora BernalRogelio BernalAlexander BernalJacqueline BernalSantiago BernalThomas BernalFelix BernalAlbert BernalJulie BernalJason BernalMarina BernalMike BernalMayra BernalFrancisca BernalKaren BernalLourdes BernalRamiro BernalAbel BernalAndrew BernalRachel BernalAlexis BernalJoel BernalSamantha BernalSteven BernalCindy BernalPaula BernalCarolina BernalSusana BernalChristine BernalAshley BernalBarbara BernalBenjamin BernalJanet BernalIsmael BernalSteve BernalGraciela BernalHumberto BernalAraceli BernalFrances BernalMaribel BernalLucia BernalOlivia BernalKimberly BernalYesenia BernalSarah BernalEsperanza BernalLeslie BernalJosefina BernalIsrael BernalRuth BernalEsther BernalDiane BernalNicolas BernalPeter BernalEsteban BernalHenry BernalJoaquin BernalAgustin BernalCrystal BernalTony BernalMiriam BernalRene BernalDebra BernalJessie BernalKarina BernalTheresa BernalNicole BernalRudy BernalConsuelo BernalAnita BernalSocorro BernalElena BernalElvira BernalCelia BernalJoshua BernalJudith BernalHilda BernalLarry BernalElias BernalRocio BernalLeonardo BernalIvan BernalBrian BernalGladys BernalLiliana BernalEvelyn BernalAntonia BernalDenise BernalSantos BernalLydia BernalDelia BernalMargaret BernalAaron BernalLidia BernalAdam BernalEsmeralda BernalIsaac BernalMarisol BernalWendy BernalCatalina BernalRonald BernalErnest BernalPriscilla BernalAurora BernalTomas BernalAmy BernalAlvaro BernalKarla BernalRodrigo BernalMercedes BernalRaquel BernalMatthew BernalNoe BernalGriselda BernalKevin BernalYvonne BernalArthur BernalCruz BernalAbraham BernalEfrain BernalEmilio BernalElvia BernalRalph BernalRigoberto BernalBrandon BernalGregorio BernalVicente BernalRamona BernalEfren BernalJacob BernalGerman BernalAdan BernalHeraclio BernalCharles BernalRolando BernalBernardo BernalDomingo BernalCristian BernalMoises BernalRoman BernalAdolfo BernalOctavio Bernal