What Is The History Of The Last Name Blackburn?

The surname Blackburn has a long and storied history that is intertwined with the history of England itself. The first Blackburns in England appear in the Domesday Book, a survey of England completed in 1086 by William the Conqueror. At that time, the Blackburns were lords of the manor of Blackburn in Lancashire. The Blackburns were a powerful and influential family for centuries, and they played a significant role in the development of Lancashire and England.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Blackburn?

Blackburn is a common English surname that can be found all over the world. But are there any famous people with the last name Blackburn?As it turns out, there are quite a few! For example, there is actor David Blackburn, who has appeared in films such as The Prestige and The Dark Knight Rises. There is also author and journalist Blackburn Rovers, who has written books such as The Full English and The Football Sack Race.

But that's just the beginning. There is also singer-songwriter Blackburn, who was one of the founding members of the band The Fixx. There is also basketball coach Blackburn, who has led teams such as the University of Utah and Clemson University to victory. And last but not least, there is current Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull, who was born with the last name Blackburn.

So as you can see, there are plenty of famous people with the last name Blackburn. Whether they're actors, athletes, authors or politicians, they've all made a significant impact on the world. And who knows? Maybe you could be the next famous Blackburn!

Where Does The Last Name Blackburn Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The name Blackburn is the 167th most common US name, according to recent statistics. This may not seem particularly notable at first glance, but when you compare it to some of the other most common US names, it is actually quite interesting.The top 5 most common US names are Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown, and Jones. Names that rank lower than Blackburn on the list include Garcia, Nguyen, and Rodriguez. So, if you are a Blackburn, you can consider yourself to be in good company!

There are a number of theories about why certain names become more common than others. One theory is that names become more popular due to celebrity influence. For example, the name Beckham was not particularly common until David and Victoria Beckham started using it for their children.

Another theory is that names become more common due to immigration trends. In the case of Blackburn, it is likely that the name became more popular due to the influx of immigrants from England in the 1800s.

Whatever the reasons may be, it is interesting to see how popular certain names have become. If you are curious to see how your name ranks, you can check out the most common US names list on the website Nameberry.

List of People with the Last Name Blackburn

Barbara BlackburnMary BlackburnSusan BlackburnB BlackburnJoseph BlackburnPatricia BlackburnJohn BlackburnD BlackburnLisa BlackburnThomas BlackburnChris BlackburnRichard BlackburnJ BlackburnCharles BlackburnR BlackburnWilliam BlackburnMichael BlackburnM BlackburnDavid BlackburnJames BlackburnLinda BlackburnElizabeth BlackburnJennifer BlackburnRobert BlackburnMichelle BlackburnPaul BlackburnW BlackburnDonald BlackburnBetty BlackburnT BlackburnMargaret BlackburnKenneth BlackburnChristopher BlackburnKaren BlackburnMark BlackburnDeborah BlackburnKimberly BlackburnAmy BlackburnRebecca BlackburnDaniel BlackburnBrian BlackburnCarol BlackburnJessica BlackburnDonna BlackburnGeorge BlackburnSteven BlackburnEdward BlackburnBill BlackburnMelissa BlackburnGary BlackburnSarah BlackburnLarry BlackburnSandra BlackburnAmanda BlackburnDebra BlackburnJoe BlackburnLaura BlackburnDorothy BlackburnBrenda BlackburnAngela BlackburnSteve BlackburnJason BlackburnJerry BlackburnTimothy BlackburnRonald BlackburnSharon BlackburnMatthew BlackburnStephanie BlackburnNancy BlackburnCynthia BlackburnAshley BlackburnJeffrey BlackburnKevin BlackburnHelen BlackburnPamela BlackburnKatherine BlackburnRuth BlackburnHeather BlackburnMike BlackburnKim BlackburnJoshua BlackburnAnthony BlackburnAnn BlackburnJudy BlackburnDebbie BlackburnBilly BlackburnTerry BlackburnScott BlackburnKathy BlackburnTeresa BlackburnShirley BlackburnCatherine BlackburnKathleen BlackburnChristine BlackburnAnna BlackburnRoy BlackburnKelly BlackburnTammy BlackburnRaymond BlackburnCarolyn BlackburnStephen BlackburnCarl BlackburnBobby BlackburnDiane BlackburnJoyce BlackburnMartha BlackburnLawrence BlackburnDon BlackburnJulie BlackburnJean BlackburnJanet BlackburnChristina BlackburnJustin BlackburnFrank BlackburnCindy BlackburnJanice BlackburnVirginia BlackburnCheryl BlackburnJeffery BlackburnLori BlackburnNicole BlackburnTina BlackburnMarie BlackburnAndrew BlackburnCrystal BlackburnJamie BlackburnDouglas BlackburnAlice BlackburnRachel BlackburnFrances BlackburnWalter BlackburnPeggy BlackburnBrandon BlackburnJack BlackburnJudith BlackburnWayne BlackburnKeith BlackburnBenjamin BlackburnHarold BlackburnEric BlackburnAmber BlackburnBonnie BlackburnLeslie BlackburnTracy BlackburnRyan BlackburnRandy BlackburnShannon BlackburnRoger BlackburnGregory BlackburnDenise BlackburnEmily BlackburnConnie BlackburnMegan BlackburnDennis BlackburnBrittany BlackburnWilli BlackburnGerald BlackburnRay BlackburnJimmy BlackburnRose BlackburnArthur BlackburnJackie BlackburnKathryn BlackburnRobin BlackburnSara BlackburnJulia BlackburnSherry BlackburnVictoria BlackburnJonathan BlackburnJane BlackburnSheila BlackburnBeth BlackburnRandall BlackburnJoan BlackburnSamuel BlackburnDoris BlackburnEvelyn BlackburnCathy BlackburnFred BlackburnMarilyn BlackburnWanda BlackburnTheresa BlackburnDanny BlackburnLee BlackburnAnne BlackburnLynn BlackburnMaria BlackburnDiana BlackburnGlenn BlackburnPatrick BlackburnDawn BlackburnAllen BlackburnBryan BlackburnLouise BlackburnRhonda BlackburnBen BlackburnApril BlackburnJacqueline BlackburnLois BlackburnMildred BlackburnRussell BlackburnHarry BlackburnJay BlackburnJeremy BlackburnJesse BlackburnAndrea BlackburnRuby BlackburnAlan BlackburnLauren BlackburnEarl BlackburnDale BlackburnBruce BlackburnWendy BlackburnTodd BlackburnKayla BlackburnSamantha BlackburnHenry BlackburnCarrie BlackburnMichele BlackburnCourtney BlackburnClarence BlackburnJacob BlackburnTyler BlackburnKyle BlackburnPhyllis BlackburnTiffany BlackburnDana BlackburnGlen BlackburnPaula BlackburnPhillip BlackburnAaron BlackburnShawn BlackburnBeverly BlackburnNicholas BlackburnGloria BlackburnDanielle BlackburnAdam BlackburnChad BlackburnEdith BlackburnEugene BlackburnSuzanne BlackburnLillian BlackburnHoward BlackburnRita BlackburnRicky BlackburnRalph BlackburnNorman BlackburnBradley BlackburnTonya BlackburnEdna BlackburnJohnny BlackburnErnest BlackburnMelanie BlackburnNathan BlackburnGail BlackburnNorma BlackburnAlbert BlackburnHazel BlackburnGrace BlackburnJuanita BlackburnRodney BlackburnCharlotte BlackburnEllen BlackburnTaylor BlackburnEthel BlackburnRonnie BlackburnCody BlackburnMarvin BlackburnIrene BlackburnPhilip BlackburnBarry BlackburnEmma BlackburnClaude BlackburnZachary BlackburnGladys BlackburnWillie BlackburnMarion BlackburnClara BlackburnMarjorie BlackburnAnnie BlackburnMelvin BlackburnBrent BlackburnDean BlackburnStanley BlackburnClifford BlackburnCraig BlackburnSean BlackburnCurtis BlackburnThelma BlackburnClyde BlackburnFlorence BlackburnAustin BlackburnTravis BlackburnBessie BlackburnCasey BlackburnEdwin BlackburnLloyd BlackburnHerbert BlackburnPearl BlackburnFloyd Blackburn